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These be da rules mon.
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Server Rules

Postby Emptybag » Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:49 pm

  1. Don't Abuse PAC3. Amazing things can be created, and that's totally cool. You'll probably get a compliment. But don't come on with a giant doughnut for a head or a crowbar stuck through your chest. Use some common sense. This includes PACing in an open area where you can easily get hurt or mistaken for IC. We reserve the right to ask you to alter your PAC if we feel it needs to be changed.
  2. No characters under 18. If you think you have what it takes to get a green-light for a younger character, hit up one of the admins. As it stands, the amount of good child-young adult rp is few and far between. We've seen enough snarky edgy kids with no wanton regard for their life, and now that time has advanced, those kids would all be dead.
  3. No Metagaming. Because metagaming ruins like.....every plan ever. Part of the fun is failing to be perfect!
  4. No Powergaming. Because nobody likes a bully.
  5. No head-canon. Unless explicitly approved by a superadmin. This means dead-by-daylight forest killers, researchers with weird bioslime, and entire intertwined families of characters all owned by you.
  6. Don't abuse props. Such as making weapons/defenses when you had none to begin with, without doing any labor IC to obtain them.
  7. IC crafting is encouraged. So long as it makes sense and takes a realistic amount of time with the correct amount of supplies (you won't build 24 bombs in a day, but after some IC looting, maybe you'll make a few within a week.)
  8. ESP is a perma-bannable offense. Insert 'Taken' reference here.
  9. Please Apply for foreigners. Cheeki Breeki is gonna have to get his green card first.
  10. Please Apply if you wish to have certain starting equipment. We're reasonable people. Keep in mind not everyone will have appropriate defenses, and not everyone will necessarily get what they asked for (but you might get an alternative!)
  11. Please apply for major Prior military service. Such as Vietnam, etc. We hold the right to say this group is 'at capacity', remember this is supposed to be about the average joe surviving, mostly.
  12. Don't be racist, please. To a degree, certain things are believable and tolerable. But don't be surprised when you poke a little too hard too often and get banned for it. And this includes the 'southern drawl man with no regard for blacks' or neo-nazi archetype. Don't make those. This shouldn't need to be a rule.
  13. If someone catches you ERPing, they are totally in their right to have a good old knee-slap hootin' & hollerin' right in front of you. But hey, you do you. You know the consequences.
Please keep in mind that this is going to be a heavily civilian based RP and because of this there will be no active military allowed player characters.

*More rules can and will be added if the team agrees any particular actions done on server require new rules to be made.*

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