Ground Rules Regarding Gen 1 / Gen 2 Characters

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Ground Rules Regarding Gen 1 / Gen 2 Characters

Postby Emptybag » Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:02 am

  • You cannot merge Generations of the same character.
  • Only one incarnation exists. If you were PK'd in one Gen, you cannot be them and their memory via other characters ICly essentially will no longer exist if you continue their existence as another Gen. Example: Tim lived in both gen 1 & 2, but died in gen 2. If I decide to play Gen 1 Tim, then anyone remembering anything to do with Gen 2 Tim will forget him, unless you change one of their names.
  • Gen 1 characters have been living in the current map for a year and a half. You can figure out their story ICly.
  • Gen 2 characters will have arrived on the current map 2 months before we start. You (OOCly) needs to decide if your character (ICly) already trusts the Gen 1 group and is friendly, or if they dislike the Gen 2 group and either don't trust them at all or are neutral. This is to start past the stage of 'I don't know if I can trust you' and move quicker into much more engaging RP. This also means that you are either okay living around the group or you agree to already seclude yourself from them for whatever reason.
If there are any new developments, I will update this post. If there are any questions regarding these rules or how Gen1 / Gen2 will work in general, ask and someone should be able to get back to you:)

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