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  1. I mean just gotta put em down sometimes.
  2. Gotta ask why not just chat face to face it seems much easier than making a whole message board for it. -Leo Stewart
  3. I think I have a few scrap tech parts I gathered over time from going on scavenging missions, I will make sure to hand them over to you next time I see you don't have any for em myself. Oh, and does anyone know how to keep wood and metal maintained my fire ax has a rust spot on it and I want to clean it up before it gets too bad, Also if you know how to carve wood I would like to also make a new handle for it. Thanks a million -Leo Stewart
  4. If you remember Leo could you add him pls.
  5. Udesky for the group leads just like the old days. I miss that big boned bastard.
  6. I am in college at the moment so I don't have a lot of spare income but I am willing to help out if the server needs some funds to get its feet on the ground.
  7. A chance to strech my legs count me in-Leo
  8. Sorry was previewing things and my gmod crashed gotta redo it.
  9. Leo Stewart ">[bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo][/align] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical Attributes Full Name:leonardo Stephon Stewart Gender:Male Age:23 Height:6'5 ]Weight:250 pounds Birth Place: Miami,Florida Alignment: Neutral Good Build:Large and Stalky Hair:Black midlenght with a medium Beard Eyes:Light Crystal Blue -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills [The Best] [i like it] [Eh] [Lets do other things] [Disapointment] [Close Combat]-Being a wrestler In high school and collage has made Leo Quite strong and skilled in grapple and dealing with things in close range. [Medical]-Went to collage for nurseing and enjoyed it for the most part,knows basic medical work but no advanced opperations or such [Athletics]-From his sports Backgrond he is quite fit and the constant headbashing helps enables him to run and fight for quite a while without geting winded [Guns]-Haveing spent some time over the past 3 years he has learned to handle and use a firearm well but anything that isnt a normal gun isnt something he knows well. [Cooking]-Knows how to work a oven and not burn the house down. [Crafting]-Could put a Ikea table together. [Wilderness skills]-Lived a city his entier life and never desired to learn about the woods. [Driveing]-Never learnd to drive as he rode a bike everywhere so he had no idea how to work a car Characteristics [Good] [Neutral] [Negative] [social Butterfly]-Finds himself happyest around groups of people and makeing others happy makes him happy] [desensitized]-Finds the act of killing infected to be fun almost soothing and is uneffected by it [Always Happy]-Is Almost always happy with a smile but can lead to some of his emotions being push and bottled up] [One track mind]-Once Begun thinking about something it can become comsumeing and be the only thing being persued. [Reckless]-Does not see danger most of the time causeing him to put himself in a situation of risk for unneeded reasons [Hero]-Finds it hard to let others take risks for him and will pick the more dangerous job just to keep others from haveing to do it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relationships [Loves] [Cares about] [Great Friend] [Friend] [Likes] [Neutral] [Not on best terms] [Dislikes] [Hates] [Wishes Dead] [The Group]-These people all of them no matter there faults are my new family and I will protect them. [backston Dewar]-''One of the first people I met with all this shit started and has been a great to me I love the guy.Also he realy steped up to the leader position'' [Eva Callaghan]-''Shes great to talk and is super nice in my book that makes her the perfect friend plus she is real smart when it comes to survival skills hell saw her make a bow] [Talis Palecrest]-''Just met him a few days ago but I already like him seems to always have my back and seems to like helping others'' [Andrew Harrison]-When everything was poping off let me inside his hold and made me appart of his group hell most likely saved my life I got his back no matter what. [Miles Winters]-Been in the group from near the begining although never really talked to him in lenght seems like a alright guy. [Jamie Udesky]-Been growing closer with him lately and he is great been going through some rough stuff lately I hope I can help him through it. [Annabelle Clyde]-She is super nice and hanna's Girl Friend so thats two thumbs up right there. Commet below if you want to be added.
  10. Steam Name:Caboose Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:91111716 Steam Profile Link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198142489160/ Rp Experience:I have played on many rp servers from stalker rp to 1950s mafia rp and have racked up just under 5000hours in garrys mod How did you stumble upon our server?:I was looking through the server browser and saw a new nutscript server and decided to join it. Character Name:Leo Stewart Character Sex:Male Character Age:23 Occupation (Current or Before):(pre)Was in collage for 4 years for psychology and nurseing(now) works in a hardware store Character Equipment:A thick wallet,a suitcase with his clothes insdashing good looks and a cellphone with a data plan. Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): Chaotic Neutral Strengths:Rather large and strong,Nurse training,Charesmatic Weaknesses:Social Butterfly,Greedy,sadist Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!):Leo was born into a weathy family,his father owned his own law firm and his mother passed away when he was young.Leo's father never had time for him so instead he paid nannys to watch him,and when he became a teenager just thew money at him to make him go away.This caused Leo to Grow up with a bit of a I can do what ever I want attitude,This led to him in jail for strangeling a girl becasue he wanted to see what it felt like.A few weeks later and with alot of bribes and use of his fathers lawyers Leo was free.Althought his father now was forceing him to go to collage,so Leo picked to major in nurseing and minor in nurseing becasue he felt those would best suit his needs and .His 4 years in collage where mainly uneventful Leo was a great student but he had to behave due to his father Threating to disown his if he messes up again.After collage he went to the town of Dallas to find a job before daddys money ran out.