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Patient Zero

Oh boyo

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Hi guys, not dead (yet!)

Regrettably I personally can't Kickstart much other than poking at other admins.

I work 12 hour days, often extended by the people I'm carpooling over an hour to get to and from work with. In fact over the last 24 hours, I worked a 7-7 shift, then was told we were going in for 5 which meant getting up at 3:30 so I literally had no choice but to come home get ready for the next work day and sleep.

If it were up to me I'd at least have something prepared for people who wanted to play, because I know there's still interest. Alas, it's mostly out of my hands at present.

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Hello friends,

I'm still around and alive. Looking to get some input on an idea I've had rolling around for a bit.

I don't have the time to run the server full time, nor do I have the will power to deal with the drama that comes with it. I like playing games that aren't Gmod and when the server is up and running, we're basically not allowed to. Also I have a hard time wanting to run it on my own with Empty lost in his hellish world he's in.

However, I was thinking, maybe run a white list only system for a server that will be up like say once a week, or twice a week or whatever we're able to do as the admin team. I think this could be interesting running at a more of a session based system rather than a 24/7 365 mind rot. And this way we can always have fresh ideas and events ready to go every time we bring the server up.

The other idea I had was a start/restart type system. Something like, bring the server up for 2-3 months, run a story to the point where people start getting bored, which always seems to be the 2-3 month point, then give that story an end point, shut the server down for 2-3 months, and restart it, or continue the previous story if demand is high enough. I feel this could be interesting to keep the server fresh in everyone's mind, but at the same time it will give everyone, admins included breaks from the server to recharge and prepare for the next round. This could also allow us to expand into other stories and game modes if we wanted to try something else, and if we fail at it we can just end it and start with something fresh.

Lemme know what you guys think! Feed back is always welcome.

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