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  1. Owen's Staff Application 1.) Steam Name and Steam ID? owen; STEAM_0:0:86370357 2.) IC character(s) you use currently? Owen Amendola - Alive 3.) Amount of collective RP experience & where, as well as any particular respected positions? I've been doing serious roleplay for an upwards of six years now, through two different steam accounts. I've never really taken part of any unserious crap, so most of it has been centered around Half Life 2 clockwork/nutscript, as well as the Respite server. Throughout both of these servers, I'm happy to say that I've been commended on my roleplay by players and staff, and I have little to no out of character mishaps or behavior. I've never exactly had a high ranking position, but I've lead a few rebel groups on the Half Life 2 servers that have made it pretty far throughout the years. 4.) Any admin experience on your prior servers; what kind of RP and what server? I've done some event coordination on ShockCore's CMRP Military Roleplay, and it's CRP City roleplay servers (before they went to utter shit), as well making a few of my own lore events on Sparkz's old Half Life server. 5.) Why do you want to become an admin for us? I've been very invested in the server since I'd first joined not all too long ago, both with it's concepts and the players occupying it's space. I feel like I could bring forth some of my own ideas into events, and hopefully provide a fun user experience to people when they are getting bored. Also, I believe it would be a good learning experience for me.
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    Hi. I am here. This community was recommended to me by a friend and I got interested when he mentioned it was starting up again. So. Hi.
  3. Owen Amendola Basic Information: Real Name: Owen Amendola.Occupation: Survivor--Previously employed at (maaaany places.)Affiliation: Lonesome.DoB: (May/30/2000)Sexuality: Heterosexual. Physical Information:Height: 5'10.Weight: 142 lbs.Physical Disabilities: None.Mental Health: Teetering.Mental Traits: Good At Problem Solving, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, And Creativity.Mental Disabilities: Constantly Switching Between Emotional And Rational Thinking. Personality Information:Alignment: True Neutral Religion: Agnosticism Relationships: Backston Dewar: He's a little un-serious at times, but when he does get serious, he gets serious. He's been one of the few people who I can trust with talking to/depending on when it comes to a desperate situation. Jamie Udesky: I know he doesn't like me. Heard him say it himself. But I have no reason to dislike him. I think he's a good fighter, and he sure as hell helps out the community. Jason Udesky: Great man. He's alright with listening to me when we're in desperate situations and when someone says go, he won't stop until he's either dead on the ground or holding the decapitated head of the enemy. Natasha Kusanagi: I think she keeps to herself a lot, but from the stories I've heard, she's lost a lot of people. Everyone looks to her to be our leader, and I think it stressed her out a whole hell of a lot. Seems to me like she's just a little too stubborn or embarrassed to ask us for help. I hope we can help her find what she's looking for. Felix Carter: He's a soldier, and he's the first person I told about the dead of my family once I was back. I never really connected with him until then, but he seems to trust me enough, and I trust him. 'Packer': He looks like a robot with all his gear on, and that kind of pisses me off. But that's alright, because he's a good fighter. Overall liked. Jakob McDonald: He listened to me during the bunker raid, and he got Packer and Ann out safely. Ann was our only doctor, and it's thanks to him saving her that helped more people live. (Comment if you want to be added ooga booga)