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  2. The long time-taking is half our fault and half not. We are still in the process of bugging our schema. But we can only work as fast as our coder is allowing us too. He (as well as all of us) have life stuff that needs to be handled, especially a couple of months ago. I don't think any of us have given up on anything, whenever Zerg & I get a new build we bug it and send over our findings. We don't wanna start with a broke ass server. It's just slow going. On top of that, scheduling is also just hard in general. Silver lining though, its not like covid has gone anywhere :(
  3. Well i'm late. I'm actually really happy this is still going on after all these years. I just wanted to read my old character bios from the L4D Rp, and it was there. Glad to see it's still. *looks at various post dates* *Clears throat* Still going.
  4. penis music INDEED
  5. Were currently in the headspace of designing our schema as ours is rather outdated at this time. But as we get updates I will be sure to inform the community.
  6. Could we be informed of when a good time to apply for characters would be?
  7. An important aspect of archival work is deciding what gets kept and what gets tossed out, after all. Still a favorite of mine.
  8. lets compromise you password lock it within the archives its not deleted, and danker can ignore it
  9. Zerohour has always been a permadeath server in-regards to IC interactions. And I'd love to keep it that way, gives impact to peoples stories and actions, as well as stops people from acting a fool with the guise of a NLR in their back pocket.
  10. We're gonna have to take a vote on this one. I dunno if everyone approves of destroying such a treasured part of our history
  11. I'm all in favor of permadeath. Worst thing that happens if a character dies is you make a new one. I'm also in favor of pre-outbreak RP. Lets me play the Sims for a bit before I get ripped apart by zombies and 8 foot tall cool guy survivors wielding katanas.
  12. grant the man his dying wish. in death he has a name his name was mr polonius HIS NAME WAS MR POLONIUS HIS NAME WAS MR POLONIUS
  13. No, suck my horse cock you flamboyant sexy femboy
  14. I apologize to everyone for the existence of this shitpost section of the website. I implore you to destroy it to improve the quality of the forum. I hope everyone is in good health.
  15. penis music near you.
  16. what have i just witnessed
  17. there is DEMAND in my AREA apparently
  18. I uh... I think this was a bot post? But like... I'm not sure? They aren't selling anything? But it also makes literally no sense lol
  19. gimme that sweet sweet pre-outbreak rp pls
  20. this thread is from december 2018
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