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  2. Add a way larger map like fork to the point where you can add some cars and zombie spawners all around as well as scavenger hunts for items when no ones on
  3. hmmm.... well. it wouldn't really make sense but to maybe have bandit camps or something around in the forests? the server could get more players if we have more stuff going on (not saying the server is boring.)
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  6. Please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammer errors I am not the best at writing stuff.
  7. Steam Profile Link: Rp Experience: 6 years on and off How did you stumble upon our server?: Found it in the menu Character Name: Godfather Character Sex: Male Character Age: 46 Previous Major Occupation(s): Car Salesman/ Mafia member Character Equipment: A Revolver and about 150 scrap coins Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): Lawful Evil Strengths: Charismatic, Smart, Quick thinking, Good liar Weaknesses: Arbitrary, Angery, Physically Weak, Untrustworthy Character Backstory a.k.a. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!): Godfather was born to a poor but loving Itailian family on the streets of chicago which meant he had two choices in life, join the mafia or stay in poverty. He joined at the age of 16 and quickly discovered that this was the life he was meant for, it was in his nature to be a criminal. He made a name for himself as the owner of a car dealership which was a front for a drug smuggling business. The cars he would buy would be loaded with drugs, weapons, and other types of illegal contraband which he would sell on the black market, and would sell the cars at his dealership. He was also ambitious which would soon cost him everything. He would silently plot against the current leaders of the mafia which would soon be discovered. Soon he would be stuck in his own house while it was set on fire, but would survive by hiding in his closet. This gave him severe burns all over his face and body which would leave him physically weakened. It was also during this time that the zombie outbreak occured, which forced Godfather to flee up north into Minnesota. It was there that he heard rumors of a bunker hidden in the woods, and being the ambitious person he is, he vowed to take it for himself.v
  8. Please post things cosmetically that you like or would like to see change with stateline. Im currently looking into having a map made for our server and would like to see what the community has to offer.
  9. Karambits r cool
  10. Monster Truck Nicknamed: The Priceless Babe Backstory: Seeing as how Jason needed a break from the group, he sent Jayesh a letter saying he was gonna be gone for a bit to scavenge and think and if they were to be overrun or leave, to keep a letter inside the pantry or bathroom. Jason embarked on an adventure with a bike he found, traveling for a short while every day to preserve warmth. Sooner or later, Jason discovered a small abandoned town, covered in snow. His tent that he had was basically "holey" by then so he dug his way to a door and slept inside the house for the night. When morning came, he went outside to see the hood of a large car in the snow parked in the driveway. Jason searched for any shovels and ended up finding a garden shovel.. a fucking garden shovel. It took almost the entire day for him to dig it up, only to find a Ford F-150. To his suprise, the paint was still semi good looking, and the wheels in tact. However, there were no keys, and Jason had become addicted to the truck by then so the idiot went back into the house and luckily saw a hung zombie from the bedroom, with dangling keys on his belt. One swift swing and the zombies head popped off and out the window. Jason took the keys and checked the engine and battery.. it's out. Jason checked the garage, finding alot of attachments and gear from this guy.. the engine parts needed were there and there were 2 spare battery's left. After repairing the truck, a hoarde of zombies were passing through the snow slowly, but hearing the sound of the truck start, they start heading towards Jason's way. Jason noticed a small pile of guns and ammo, using most of the ammo to clear a path for the monster truck to pass through. Jason packed a hunting rifle with some leftover rounds in the passenger and drove off.
  11. Update soon, ya boy in college and uninstalled Gmod, but y'all have me a heart attack posting and reviving this good ass server
  12. Hey guys! I've got the minecraft server setup, feel free to join at IP: It has a pretty decent anti-griefing plugin installed, if you guys have any suggestions or changes you want to see feel free to let us know! Have fun!
  13. Hello, While I may not be active on gmod server as I can't take the time dedication it takes to play there, we've been discussing setting up a Minecraft server for people to play on and help keep our community active between evens and what not. So I'm looking for your input! We're thinking about setting up just an anarchy server with the only real rule being no griefing. The reason for this is so we don't need to worry about a constant admin team monitoring the server. We can setup anti-griefing tools and the like, past that we expect basically anything to go. I want to know what you'd guys like to see so we can set it up and getting it running ASAP. Feel free to let me know what you guys think or what you'd like to see!
  14. but what about abigail. what about the baby.
  15. Today marks a sad day my friends, I will be leaving Zero Hour (and Gmod in general) probably for good. this has NOTHING to do with my enjoyment of this server, I have always loved this server and been grateful for being part of such a great community of fellow roleplayers. The reason I have made the choice to not come back to Zero Hour is because I really just dont have the time in my day to put in enough time for me to really do much on gmod. I hope that some day things will change and I can come join you all again, but if I am being totally honest with you I think It will be unlikely that will happen. I will forever love and remember this server and gmod, but it is my time to move on, goodbye all. (In rp Abraham Williams left the group and Minnesota for good. There are many rumors about what happened to him and why he left:Some say he was attacked and killed by infected and was never found, some say he was infected and left the group in order not to harm them, and some say he found another group and joined them. the only piece of evidence of what may have happened to him is a piece of paper with the words "Im going to miss you Hon, I wont forget you, and I know you wont forget me" that was placed on his bed. whatever happened to him, you can be assured that his story will live on.)
  16. They are a neato burrito The most of what anyone can hope for someone who is invested in the server and want to help. Plus he is a pretty chill dude which is a massive plus, so I am interested to see how this will work out.
  17. Legion

    Jacob's Staff App

    Seems to be competent and rather interested in the server. You have my support.
  18. 1) Steam Name & SteamID: Jacob, STEAM_1:1:104907019 2) IC character(s) you use currently. Jacob 'Dice' McDonald 3) Amount of collective RP experience & where, as well as any particular respected positions (A captain, an officer, etc.) Varsity Gaming/Oblivion Networks Military RP: When these guys we're still around, I used to be a 2nd LT on the server, and had to organize quite a lot. 4) Any admin experience on prior servers; what kind of RP and what server Varsity Gaming Military RP: Admin Varsity Gaming Zombie RP: Admin Revival Servers Military RP: Moderator 5) Why you want to become an admin for us The main reason for me wishing to become Admin is to do what I can to make the server fun and enjoyable in the times where some Admins are unavailable or understaffed.
  19. Shadsea


    I'm here to check this server out because every other server i liked died
  20. (I Still Have No Idea What I'm Doing, Bear With Me Here.) "Whack And Smack Then Knock Back, Make Sure They Don't Come Back." Infected Whacked: 774 (Will Update Whenever I Do It) Fools (Humans) Whacked: 7 (Same Here) Identity Info: Name: 'Packer' Gender: Male Age: 28 Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Previous Occupation: Secret Underground Nightclub Bouncer/Black Market Arms Dealer Working With A Hidden Unknown Gang Called "The Skeleton Squad" Current Occupation: Survivor Appearance Info: Ethnicity: Caucasian Nationality: Canadian Height: 6'6" Weight: 190 lbs Build: Strong And Athletic Hair Color: Brown Hairstyle: Short And Messy Facial Hair: Medium Groomed Beard Eye Color: Blue Eyes Strengths: - Skilled/Experienced In Hand To Hand Combat - Steel Chinned; Can Take A Bunch Of Punches In The Face Like It's No Big Deal (In Other Words, He's Just Tough) - Basic Knowledge Of Ranged Weaponry (Self Taught) Weaknesses: - Can Be Stupidly Brave - Does Whatever He Wants Whenever He Wants - Can Be Reckless From Time To Time Injuries: - Fractured Lower Left Leg (Recovering Slowly) - Mild Concussion (Recovered) Present Thought: "I'm gonna find whoever that guitar playing freak is and whack the fool for what he did to my leg!" Relationships: Adrian: Some military guy with a Stryker, I dunno. Aiden: Gave me a second chance for when I got drunk in the middle of the wild lands, I can respect that. Alexander: Some politician trash. "Chum": Annoying freak that literally only says "yup, yup, yup." Makes me just want to whack the fool already. "Dice": A bad-ass and a great guy... Like me. Felix: Some other military guy, once again... I dunno. Guitar Man: Whoever and wherever you are, I promise you... When I find you, you'll wish you've never messed with me. Matila: Trusted me to keep her secrets, at least there's someone that actually trusts me. I appreciate that. Owen: The only person to actually not ignore me and tell me the damn radio frequency after I've been asking people for hours, I'm thankful for that.
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