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  1. Spring


    It kinda sucks that the server died but I just wanna recall a few things I genuinely liked this server because it brought back the enjoyment of serious rp. Yeah i wasnt the best at it and i messed up alot throughout the years but i really loved this concept. I loved the map changing and hype and passive rp and character development. These people I spent time with for nearly 3 years, since i was a sophomore in high school, I'm just so glad I found this server. If it ever reopens, I'll be the first to join!! It was so worth it and for all my characters like Martin colt park, or mr smiles's friend that died to that flamethrower guy, or chelsie jasmine or Jason udesky... it was all a great experience so thank you guys so much. OFF TO COLLEGE
  2. Spring

    Jason Udesky (Gen 2) [1/8]

    THE COMA UPDATE Jason was walking down the street street to go into the woods to check on his traps. He caught some squirrel before he ran into a group on zombies. He whipped out his sledgehammer and started swinging, hitting left and right, swerving around to make sure he isnt grabbed. After he grabs the last one, a jumper leaps on him from the back and slashes at him, a scratch nailing his face, he yelps and grabs the jumper, throwing him at a tree before jumping off a small cliff, falling face first and coughing. He later on manages to run into a small hut, ramming inside and blocking the door. He turns and he sees something.. 3 hours later... He makes it home with multiple bruises and scratches, too injured to move for a while (I wanted to do something cause he was in the middle of rp with things and it would be awkward if I didnt come for like 2 months online. I have college shit and I'm taking more classes and swim so I need to try my hardest.)
  3. Spring

    Smiles Staff Application

    On both notes, memey and serious, you are quite qualified for admin in my opinion. I have personally seen you work as an admin and admiral on bln roleplay. I have also seen you do serious rp on half life rp and on zerohour. When I wanted to introduce more people for serious rp, I thought of you and a small handful but you were the first to want to join. I remember the first times we joined together and rped seriously. It's been a longgg time since you have been on and it also seems the admins trust you too. +SUPPORT
  4. Spring

    Bulat means Steel - A Original Character

    I kinda like the idea of a bullet maker to be honest. We haven't had one to my knowledge.
  5. Spring

    charger borked

    I blame the dog
  6. Spring

    Security Team Weekly Log V.1

    How long will the food last? And an approximate time on the storm? -Jason
  7. Spring

    Jason Udesky (Gen 2) [1/8]

    Tarot card
  8. Spring

    Jason Udesky (Gen 2) [1/8]

    THE FLASH"BANG" -Updated Jason's hearing impairment -Updated relations with camille and removed some people -Added Carter, Andrew, mayu, hannah, renee, Chun -Added 2 intruders -Added + to strength and - to ignorance -Due to recent fondness in Whay happens in the bunker and just signs of normal life, Jason's alignment went from CHAOTIC NEUTRAL to CHAOTIC LAWFUL Will add more next week
  9. Spring

    RP Item for Jamie

    +yes little boi needs fishing pole! I want me some trout
  10. Spring

    Wholesome Thread

    You will fear the tpose
  11. Spring

    2 New Targets

    Today around the evening, 2 people from the wildlands had mugged me and took my hammer, binocs and other useful equipment. They chased me around until I turned and fucked them up. Zombies got to me before I could finish them off. Descriptions: One is a redneck that lives in the construction zone. He wields a shovel and has a flare gun so be weary/ The other is younger and wields a bow. I managed to break his arm I think but he also wields a knife. One of their names start with a C? Charlie I think? He has dreadlocks and both are white I believe. Anyways these guys mugged me so next time you see them, fucking kill them. Additional Notes: These guys are close and dangerous. As I was running home, I got shot to shit from I dont know what. I took his broken FN FAL airsoft gun so he is still armed. -Jason Udesky
  12. Spring


    [LOOC] Jamie Udesky: hold on I am dragging a mannequin in my sisters room [LOOC] Jason Udesky: Nice XD Welcome to Zerohour RP! www.ze
  13. Spring

    Chelsie Jasmine (Gen 1)

    I wanna bring this character back, but she left to her brother's camp. Is there anyway I could talk to someone to bring a return?
  14. Spring

    Jason Udesky (Gen 2) [1/8]

    Updated all people, plus owen kreg and camille, plus dead