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  1. Add a way larger map like fork to the point where you can add some cars and zombie spawners all around as well as scavenger hunts for items when no ones on
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1848049087&searchtext= Karambits r cool
  3. Monster Truck Nicknamed: The Priceless Babe Backstory: Seeing as how Jason needed a break from the group, he sent Jayesh a letter saying he was gonna be gone for a bit to scavenge and think and if they were to be overrun or leave, to keep a letter inside the pantry or bathroom. Jason embarked on an adventure with a bike he found, traveling for a short while every day to preserve warmth. Sooner or later, Jason discovered a small abandoned town, covered in snow. His tent that he had was basically "holey" by then so he dug his way to a door and slept inside the house for the night. When morning came, he went outside to see the hood of a large car in the snow parked in the driveway. Jason searched for any shovels and ended up finding a garden shovel.. a fucking garden shovel. It took almost the entire day for him to dig it up, only to find a Ford F-150. To his suprise, the paint was still semi good looking, and the wheels in tact. However, there were no keys, and Jason had become addicted to the truck by then so the idiot went back into the house and luckily saw a hung zombie from the bedroom, with dangling keys on his belt. One swift swing and the zombies head popped off and out the window. Jason took the keys and checked the engine and battery.. it's out. Jason checked the garage, finding alot of attachments and gear from this guy.. the engine parts needed were there and there were 2 spare battery's left. After repairing the truck, a hoarde of zombies were passing through the snow slowly, but hearing the sound of the truck start, they start heading towards Jason's way. Jason noticed a small pile of guns and ammo, using most of the ammo to clear a path for the monster truck to pass through. Jason packed a hunting rifle with some leftover rounds in the passenger and drove off.
  4. Update soon, ya boy in college and uninstalled Gmod, but y'all have me a heart attack posting and reviving this good ass server
  5. Spring


    It kinda sucks that the server died but I just wanna recall a few things I genuinely liked this server because it brought back the enjoyment of serious rp. Yeah i wasnt the best at it and i messed up alot throughout the years but i really loved this concept. I loved the map changing and hype and passive rp and character development. These people I spent time with for nearly 3 years, since i was a sophomore in high school, I'm just so glad I found this server. If it ever reopens, I'll be the first to join!! It was so worth it and for all my characters like Martin colt park, or mr smiles's friend that died to that flamethrower guy, or chelsie jasmine or Jason udesky... it was all a great experience so thank you guys so much. OFF TO COLLEGE
  6. THE COMA UPDATE Jason was walking down the street street to go into the woods to check on his traps. He caught some squirrel before he ran into a group on zombies. He whipped out his sledgehammer and started swinging, hitting left and right, swerving around to make sure he isnt grabbed. After he grabs the last one, a jumper leaps on him from the back and slashes at him, a scratch nailing his face, he yelps and grabs the jumper, throwing him at a tree before jumping off a small cliff, falling face first and coughing. He later on manages to run into a small hut, ramming inside and blocking the door. He turns and he sees something.. 3 hours later... He makes it home with multiple bruises and scratches, too injured to move for a while (I wanted to do something cause he was in the middle of rp with things and it would be awkward if I didnt come for like 2 months online. I have college shit and I'm taking more classes and swim so I need to try my hardest.)
  7. On both notes, memey and serious, you are quite qualified for admin in my opinion. I have personally seen you work as an admin and admiral on bln roleplay. I have also seen you do serious rp on half life rp and on zerohour. When I wanted to introduce more people for serious rp, I thought of you and a small handful but you were the first to want to join. I remember the first times we joined together and rped seriously. It's been a longgg time since you have been on and it also seems the admins trust you too. +SUPPORT
  8. I kinda like the idea of a bullet maker to be honest. We haven't had one to my knowledge.
  9. How long will the food last? And an approximate time on the storm? -Jason