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  1. Right i don't want to be part of a community like this. Please delete this.
  2. Meme ? right maybe to you americano but not to me. I just try to be myself here, if thats already a meme i don't i can play being titeld as "gopnik" do you even know what gopnik means in slav countrys ? I will leave it at that, i already feel i am not welcome.
  3. Did you call me a gopnik ? Thats very rude to say, anyway i know i like to pull old stalker jokes comrade but thats who i am. I ain't chaing my personality for a character
  4. How can character be overdone ? I see your opinion friend but listen here comrade, this isn't supposed to be all special forces i kill you with knife in my panties thot. I make russian man who loves guns and shit he got a job at a Weapons plant whats wrong about that ? Other then shooting his beloved rifle he has no combat training let alone anykind of "killing instict" he is supposed to be a Sidrovich 2.0. So stalker please think about what i try to do here, this men can evolve in many diffrent way alone trader some weapons ammo boss whatever, but when i read other characters i don't comments like this why ? Because i am asking for something unique instead of the old "I am that kind of police/soldier/medic/trained whatever/ dood that goes arround survivng" No blyet.
  5. Well that is the idea and since he is only "good" with russian weapons on that hand, you have a sligth chance of gun blowing up. Thing is he will get better overtime but i call that character development.
  6. Well you can get a VSS i suppose you just have to ship every part and kind of build up, i have no idea about U.S rules so i might be wrong, but even if he can't buy one there he certainly could have taken his Rus version and used connections to tula plant to somehow get it in. 9x39 is a hard bullet when it comes to buy it, my characters does not buy ammo. He makes it himself from 7.62x39 and 9mm, the rounds are not as effective as the actual armor penetrators but still do good. Since you can just alter the Kalash round to fit the 9mm projectile. Its not ideal but i will work as the kalash round has the same powder ammount as the 9x39 its just the bigger bullet infront.
  7. Steam Name: Das Schwert Gottes Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39001723 Steam Profil link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198038269174/ Rp Experience: Hm good question, i won't list communitys that would be WAY to much but let me say this i roleplay since about 7 years now and i have over 6500 Hours in gmod only RP nothing else, for further detail i would say i can recommend INOX as a voucher he knows me very long now. How did you stumble upon our server?: Inox told me about it. Character Name: Bulat - First and Surename not given/told (For the detail story i will call him Vladimir but that will be revealed upon time) Character Sex: Male Character Age: 36 Previous Major Occupation(s): Vladimir is a very simple men, always dreaming about a good life so he was working at Tula plant in Russia, a Russian Ammo and magazine manufacture who also happens to craft Gun Parts, however Vladimir was only producing Ammunition and doing Custom work on guns for customers such as altering safety levers, smaller or longer barrels, trigger point/pressure. In his free time he was actually doing not to much, reading a book or doing hiking overall however he also went to shooting range now and then before he came to U.S.A Character Equipment: Vladimir would be equipped with some second hand clothing nothing fancy, some dirty old military boots, some camo stuff you can find in the dumpster, some tactical vest without any protection values and a backpack in ranger green or oliv. So now inside his backpack you would finde some small tools, when he moved to the U.S.A he went to a local gunshop to work there, however not to sell guns no he wanted to work on them so he brought a few pieces of Tools to reload single shells and adjust firearms and of course cleaning kit. Besides that would be general supply of water a bit canned food, on his chestrig which was soviet era you would find a AK bajonett, some 9x39 Magazines 4 at that and a flashlight. Over his shoulder would hang a VSS Vintorez, now you might ask why bring old russian junk to apocalyspe ? well VSS uses same caseing as AK and there is plenty of ammo for that to simply "replace" into the 9mm. Then you have build in suppressor and you shoot sup sonic which means you will attract less biting personal and man damage on unarmored zombie is very big. ALL in all you don't need sidearm if you has trusty russian steel thank me later. Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): Tempered Evil Strengths: Bulat know about guns, however since he despises western world weapons he might now how to trigger one but nothing further into that, give him an AR and he will spit on it if his live would depend on it. He knows how to reload bullets per hand atleast for 9x39 as he needs a package of 9mm and a package of 7.62x39 and he can make you some bullets, however there is limits to what he can do, don't request shit from him as he can't shit blackpowder out of his rusky ass. Simply he can reload bullets if he has right materials for it i.e donator bullets of other calibers. He knows how to get arround, he is no military rambo or special forces. He can handle his gun well because he knows it give him something else and he will miss every second shot atleast. Rifles need training so do any other firearms. Gun Maintenance is his live. You got eastern gun with bad barrel ? let papa Bulat fix it for ya. Give Bulat western shit ? He will spit on you and on it. Overall his moral is still "okey" however he did learn that at sometime its better to shoot first ask later and then shoot again. His sanity he keeps locked away with the simply argument they are me. He has good trading skill, he will rip you off exactly like Sidrovich will with rubber bullets blyet. Weaknesses: Bulat is no soldier so a trained soldier knows how to blow out a guy using soviet era gear. He can't fix western weapons like ARs MGs or sniper rifles which were used by nato. He can't use overall "craftsmen" knowledge he can do minor work on gun, he can reload cartridge with enough material but might explode your gun. He isn't very happy man, he is sad and angry and he will slap you like babushka if you don't come for food when she calls. Character Backstory a.k.a. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!): First of i am not an english speaking man. Excuse any grammatical mistakes i do i am still learning because i only know hot to "speak" it but not how to "pronounce" it right okey ^^ Spaciba. Vladimir wasn't very intelligent nor was he born to be something big, he grew up with a familie that had money for food and drink and maybe once a year a bit of wood toys for little Vladimir. Overall he was a happy child who had some friends not many, in his early eight birthday he got a wooden gun from Grandpa which he played with very very long. Little Vladimir was doing even work on woodengun giving a realistic look over the years and making it wall hanger he was very happy with it. As he turned into his late teens he was in need of a job so what was left for him is to send millions of stupid papers to big men in big chairs to get a place he could work with but pizdec he was thrown out of every job, he started with doing cleaning well the toilets still looked like shit, he continued as a butcher however his meat was to big and the people complained to his boss for that so he was fired again. Little Vladimir gave up, he could not pay for Apartment or food not even dry bread blyet. Well then he slumbered down the streets and what did little Vladimir find ? A paper reading Tula Arms looking for Employees. Holy kalashnikov he found his work, the same day he reported to Tula Arms he was taken in and put to the test on a old and rusted Kalashnikov typa AKM to restore it, unlearned vladimir took nearly whole day to do it, his fingers sore and nearly bleeding his wirsts cut open from strange tools he used however rifle was fine so the Boss said "Welcome in Tula Arms boy, go and work your way up!". Vladimir was happy with his job, the factory he was working in produced bullets and replacement parts for guns of all types be it AK or PK or VSS or VAL even rocket parts or grenades. He was starting of with producing famous 7,62x39 on a conveyor belt putting caps and load into the shell as it was the cheap variant no cnc maschines or fancy robots, that was for military. Ammo he produces was for civilian market and cheap, later on he was going through all kinds of Ammunition sorts such as 9mm, 7,62x54r, 9x39, 9,3x64 and more and he also learned smaller modification on rifles such as extending barrel, altering safety or putting different trigger pressure point. However building a gun on his own wasn't one of his skills he liked it more to modify them. As his shifts in Tula Arms went on well his experience went up with all the guns at the plant. Later he was introduced to a gun called VSS, which he produced thousands of rounds for at the conveyor, he fell in love with the gun and its practicality so over two years he saved up money to buy civilian version of gun (no full auto). So when he recived gun he was very happy a friend of his who was in army told him how to shoot gun like he can today, is simple quiet and ammo can be simply made with 9mm ammo and kalashnikov ammunition without the need to buy pre-loaded shells. He also tried loading other shells such as 7.62x39 without a pre filled cartige well his last customer was seen at funeral because fun blew up in his face. So Vladimir was well, not very good at completely reloading shells if he lacks the tools to weight the grain and more. After a few months he earnd enough money to move, however he actually wanted to stay where he was when he was given a job opportunity with Tula Arms in the U.S.A to oversee import on certain civilain things, which then let him to work part time at a gunshop when he was not at the Office. In the U.S.A he was quiet happy however the blunt shit he was he could never find a woman until now, maybe apocalypse has some nice ass for Bulat. Americans called him Bulat as a bastardized version for "Bullet" as he was reloading bullets as his hobby, however in russia it means "Steel" to be precise. He adopted that as his general Nickname, Anyway in USA he bought a U.S made VSS clone and replaced most of the parts with russian imports to make it a russian gun again, he went to go shooting in US much more frequently because it was just so much more easy to legally go shoot. In 2016 as the Outbreak happened well Bulat was shocked to see the events of this horrifying year, well he was actually at Shooting range with a couple of friends to take a couple shoots however when outbreak started he run to his shitty car, threw his gun on the backseat and drove as far from "masses" away as he could disregarding anykind of civilisation, he stopped at a gas-station which seemd "unafffected" as it just started he run in did buy everything threw his last moneys at the dude inside, what he bought was water and canned food from the shelves, he threw it in and drove away. He found himself then at a "turning" point which well he took what was nesseary for him "Gun tools, Gun, ammo, food, drink, backpack, small russ chestrig and what was inside the backpack anything else he left after his gas run out, he went into the forest to a Hunting shed he knew and barricaded there for a while, until he came across survivors he took in, seeing that he joined many groups that all faded either to arrogance, misfortune or just gluttony.