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  1. Jamie Columbus Udesky "James" Alignment: Lawful Good Age: 31 (Updated from time skip) Ethnicity: Caucasian Nationality: American Pre-Occupation: Steel Producer Colony Position: Council Member Mental Well Being Losing Grips - [ I I I I I I I I I I I I [] I I I I I I I ] - Quite Peachy Physical Well Being Dead [ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I [] I I ] In Well Health - Jamie has spent his time helping the colony in whatever way he can, donating a majority of his scavenged items and put it towards the group, and it is because of this that he is able to finds more peace with himself than before after the loss of a majority of his family from Season 2. And because of season 3 which set him on the track of recovering mentally and become a bigger contribution towards the group, he has also began growing healthier as the winter season ends and things grow warmer. Bio Being born and raised in the red neck parts of Tennessee, Jamie learned to work for what he has got in the family business along side his siblings. It was always a small local business which did help support others where he lived which motivated Jamie to want to push the company further so everyone could enjoy what it gives. Which only pushed Jamie to pursue the solitude of the company and as he grew so did the company. Enough to where it has expanded to being not a local business but a regional one. Jamie now is working on spreading the image of said company, he was in Dallas with the first wave of survivors when the epidemic started. Family Jason Udesky - Brother Malilsa Udesky - Sister - Deceased (Died in Season 2) [stats] Quest Finished:(1) The Quest for the Porno Zombies Killed: Stopped counting Humans Killed: 2-3 Times Injured: 2 Skills [What I'm best at][Doin Good][it's Alright][Lets focus on somethin else][Oh Jeez.] Persuasion - Barely noticed the crowd - "It takes a lot of brass to talk to those who dictate whether you make it big or go home. Luckily I am fairly good at not being discouraged at the hurdle of talking to people. " Automotive Skills - I would live in my truck - "I shake my head at the younger me, getting in trouble with my ride. Though I do admit it was very fun. Now I drive back normally and safe." Athletics - Body fat, Watch out! - "I do keep good care of myself, though I wish there was more time for me to hit the gym." Gun Knowledge - Legal Red neck - "Of course I fired a gun, a lot of guns. Though pa does keep them all, I still know how to fire just as well and maybe better than the average city boy." Medicine - Office band aid - "People tend to get hurt working with hot metals, And you get to learn the basics to keep them well and with as many fingers as they were born with." Foraging - Not in touch with nature - "I Don't have the best luck with looking for goodies in the wilderness. And when I do find something I can't tell if it has poison or not." Cooking - Toast Skewer - "Never really cooked much, with me working and all that. I am just lucky that I had my family there for me when it was about time to punch out the clock for the day." Characteristics [Positive][Negative][Neutral] - Laugh it up - Will joke about at this point about what may be bothering him trying to make them not as big of a deal, in the process may open up old wounds. - Socially Butterfly - Finds conversation and the company the others soothes his dismay of boredom and loneliness. But really uses it to put his mind at ease - Hot Headed - He may be one to bottle his feelings but when it over fills he will explode, if someone is at the wrong place at the wrong time he may lash out on them. - Stubborn - As time went on for the group, Jamie developed a more resistant side toward his personality. Relationships (Message if you need adding) [Loves][Cares about][Great Friend][Friend][Likes][Neutral][Not on best terms][Dislikes][Hates][Wishes Dead] The Here Backston - Don't know what to make out of that whole "talk" we had... While I see my own faults, you seemed no better than Jason at that moment... Leo - A really good guy, stopped me from pulling some dumb stuff in the group. I'm glad that he is here with us. Ethan (Willis?) - I think he is a dependable guy, he has that vibe about him. Katia - She is a funny gal, one of the friends I usually talk to in this place and really it's nice to be around her lighter attitude. It helps keeps my mind of the off the bad in the world. Hannah Farr - She's pretty Punny! But besides that she has helped me find pretty nice spot to just admire the view. Natasha - After being around for a while, I have come to respect her for all that she does for the Colony. She's fair if nothing else, which is something you can't get often these days. Bosco - Scary looking fellah, but I'm really liking the guys sense of humor. Kreg Luther - He's a pretty good person, We had some laughs of the past and that's something I wouldn't mind doing again. Alexander Bordeaux - Good guy, gave me some valuables just for coffee, so honestly I feel kinda in debt to him. Lexi Rush - I do still love her... And I made a commitment to her, but I had previous commitments and now I ain't so sure which one I should stick too... Felix - The guy sure it passionate about this military fiasco, but in honestly I don't care much about it. They are survivors much like we are, and I don't see why we should hold them to a higher light because of it. Ana - "Life partner..." I know I broke that promise... Now more than ever I am confused beyond belief. If it was a different time then perhaps things would be simpler. Maybe it would have been simple if you didn't leave... Chip - The suited man is back! I missed you friend, though I don't have my old suit I am glad you still carry out the tradition. Jayesh Sanghrajka - He hears us out which is awesome of him to do, he is part of the council and I am glad that he puts in the time to listen to our concerns. He is good in my books. Owen - Seems real anxious to try and prove them self to the group, he acts like he always knows what he is talking about, but really he just needs to calm down. Grace 'Six Strings' - Surprisingly gifted in giving not only advice, but as well as rocking the guitar. Just having her around really fixes those awkward silence moments. 'Dice' - He is part of that trio, but I am willing to say perhaps he is the smartest out of the three, and he tends to mean well by what he does. Packer - A rather massive fellow, and seems to follow what the others do... Fingers cross he doesn't drink himself into a stupor again. Aiden - This man was torn from the good cloth, he has been nothing but helpful and has kept a good head on himself. And just flat out good company. 'Mat'(ila) - She seems pleasant enough? Kind of hard to tell what she is thinking. Kim - Had some bad rumors floating around about her when she first arrived, I took it with a grain of salt already knowing the type of people who were spreading those rumors and knowing most of what went down was just not true at all. Other than that she seems to of the decent sort, and apparently helped this group out in the past. The Old (Message me if you need to be updated or switched out of "The Old", I am just sorting the old from the new.) The Gone Melissa Udesky - I am sorry sis, I couldn't see past of me thinking whats best for you. I was not there really for you, I should have been there to... God damnit it all to hell! IIt had to be me to be the one to put you out of your misery didn't it. Shepard - God I think I may have killed you. It was just a argument god if it weren't for my heated head I would have just let it go but your high up attitude. Damnit why did I think I had to do that. I... I can't believe I would do that... to blood no less. Soprano - He lived how he died, by doing something questionable (Did I forget someone? Tell me to add you and I will get on it.) Journal Entry's Hidden deep in Jamie's pack of wonders and hidden under random things Jamie has collected seems to be a journal. It's contains a leather back and skimming around you can see wedge inside the pages sticking out are just business papers from before the incident of numbers which start to make your head hurt. No wonder Jamie hid them, math is scary. Looking past the lose pages the actual journal seems to have quite a bit of writing. Half of the pages seemed to have been used and even dating back to 1998, You debate whether to take a closer look as his notebook for there is no certainty if anyone will catch you in the act. You weigh the pros and cons... -- Date: 9/29/98 - Ma and Pa are upset that me and Jason were in a fight, but it ain't my fault at all if my Jason can't take a little joke. Of course that fight he was picking for was more than he could chew and I had to be the one to break it off, Again! Though before I could open my mouth I was whacked in the face and knocked to my feet, and with another guy on my pummeling me for what felt like an eternity. By the time the teachers came the damage was done with me taking the worse of it but Jason seemed to have caused more damage than taken like I did. My trouble was a warning and them sending notes to Ma and Pa encouraging a "More stern" School. Jason was suspended for at least a week. And now neither of us are allowed to leave the front porch until the end of the year! This really sucks. -- Date: 3/12/0 - Seems a bit smudged