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  1. Were currently in the headspace of designing our schema as ours is rather outdated at this time. But as we get updates I will be sure to inform the community.
  2. Zerohour has always been a permadeath server in-regards to IC interactions. And I'd love to keep it that way, gives impact to peoples stories and actions, as well as stops people from acting a fool with the guise of a NLR in their back pocket.
  3. Please post things cosmetically that you like or would like to see change with stateline. Im currently looking into having a map made for our server and would like to see what the community has to offer.
  4. Legion

    Jacob's Staff App

    Seems to be competent and rather interested in the server. You have my support.
  5. Tomorrow at 8pm we will be holding our end of the month town hall meeting to discuss things such as security, supply and rationing. Thank you.
  6. Im good with this. Apathys a good player.
  7. True chaotic good, I like it!
  8. Im fine with the world building but with Oliver escaping with only the shirt on his back. How has that shirt held up for the last few years?
  9. Lykos is a good boy. Im good with the pistol w limited ammo Taser with a single charge soft vest w tattered uniform handcuffs and small knife
  10. To clarify even further, everything about this screams stereotypical squatting Slav meme man. Which is a very “meh” concept to me
  11. Your response is cementing my opinion. Take a good 10 to 15 percent off the gopnik there bud. Because that’s the exaggeration I’m speaking about.