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  1. Please post things cosmetically that you like or would like to see change with stateline. Im currently looking into having a map made for our server and would like to see what the community has to offer.
  2. Legion

    Jacob's Staff App

    Seems to be competent and rather interested in the server. You have my support.
  3. Tomorrow at 8pm we will be holding our end of the month town hall meeting to discuss things such as security, supply and rationing. Thank you.
  4. Im good with this. Apathys a good player.
  5. Im iffy on this, mostly because I have a heavy distaste for "I need to hide my face" characters. Especially in the apocalypse. Seeing as he has amnesia as well it makes less sense to me. That being said Im fine with the said things not crossed out and marked in red. - Damascus Gear Modular Hard Shell Crowd Control Suit (No Shield And Police Sign By The Way And This Link Is About The Suit.) https://youtu.be/2abWbYEMvc - Army S10 Gas Mask (With No Air Filters.) - Anti Riot Helmet With Visor FBK-1 - Tactical Black Nylon Vest With Pouches (This Is Just For What The Model Looks Like) - Duffel Bag - Kevlar Reinforced Ranger Pack - Delta Military Tactical Boots Leather Combat Army Boots Hiking Shoes - Schmitz Mittz Gloves - Black Balaclava Ski Mask - Microtech Custom Marfione Titanium Knuckles With Lighting Strike Carbon Fiber - Black Cargo Pants, Winter Turtleneck Pullover Thermal Sweater And Parka Strengths: - Big (6'8"), Athletic And Strong WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE BIGSTRONKMAN. Im fine with 6'6'' though. Think about how much food it would take to be that big and maintain a healthy strong body. - Has Fighting Skill/Experience In Hand To Hand Combat - Likely Gives An Intimidating Look To Most People - Steel Chinned; Can Take A Hard Beating And Get Back Up
  6. True chaotic good, I like it!
  7. Im fine with the world building but with Oliver escaping with only the shirt on his back. How has that shirt held up for the last few years?
  8. Lykos is a good boy. Im good with the pistol w limited ammo Taser with a single charge soft vest w tattered uniform handcuffs and small knife
  9. To clarify even further, everything about this screams stereotypical squatting Slav meme man. Which is a very “meh” concept to me
  10. Your response is cementing my opinion. Take a good 10 to 15 percent off the gopnik there bud. Because that’s the exaggeration I’m speaking about.
  11. I’m extremely iffy on this application. The character alone just seems to be overly exaggerated and a bit goofy in my own opinion. I’m going to stay neutral on this one.
  12. Food will last for a week or so, we are unsure of the duration of the storm at this time. Items can be turned into the security desk or other community leaders. Thank you! -Natasha