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  1. Legion

    Bulat means Steel - A Original Character

    To clarify even further, everything about this screams stereotypical squatting Slav meme man. Which is a very “meh” concept to me
  2. Legion

    Bulat means Steel - A Original Character

    Your response is cementing my opinion. Take a good 10 to 15 percent off the gopnik there bud. Because that’s the exaggeration I’m speaking about.
  3. Legion

    Bulat means Steel - A Original Character

    I’m extremely iffy on this application. The character alone just seems to be overly exaggerated and a bit goofy in my own opinion. I’m going to stay neutral on this one.
  4. Legion

    Security Team Weekly Log V.1

    Food will last for a week or so, we are unsure of the duration of the storm at this time. Items can be turned into the security desk or other community leaders. Thank you! -Natasha
  5. Weekly Info Good evening ladies and gentlemen, happy new years! We have a rather nasty winter storm headed our way that's going to loiter in the area for quite a bit of time. It going to get rather chilly and visibility is diminishing as I type this out. Please stay safe and warm. Due to the above, I'm pulling in scaving and scouting teams back until this storm blows over. So if you intend on going out please let someone know. From the Supply Desk FOOD As we make our way thought this winter food supplies have begun to dwindle. Please make sure to ration what you have and do not overeat as it has to last us until spring. (FOOD RESERVES 20/100) MEDICINE Our medical stock has dipped to only a few first aid kits. We are in dire need of more supplies. (MEDICAL RESERVES 10/100) ARMS AND AMMUNITION While we have plenty of firearms, we are running low on most if not all calibers needed. Please conserve what ammo you have as we wont be able to get you more at this time. (MUNITIONS 40/100) From the Security Desk/Raiders Den As we have quite a few new people coming out of the woodwork as of late, please keep an eye on them as we had one group rifle through the motel rooms already. As you know we've implemented the sponsorship system to properly vet people and find out their intentions. If you meet someone of good standing and you wish to sponsor them please inform the security desk or leaders. We've noticed a bit of movement around the lower areas of the camp fence recently. At this point in time we are unsure what has been disturbing the area but make sure to keep your eyes peeled. It seems whatevers in the area is coming around at night. I have received reports about The Watchers in the current are we are scavenging. Be advised that their ability to almost perfectly camouflage themselves to their environment is not a rumor. Stay in groups and keep a ear to the ground people, dont get caught out there alone. The water in the bunker seems to be getting higher, if anyone finds any info on a sump pump please let us know. Thank you. Do you have medical experience and want to help out your community? Currently we are understaffed and would like to bring on a few more people medically inclined. Please see Rikki for more information. Notes from the staff Looking for new music for my collection, vinyl or CDs. Willing to trade for anything found out in the wild. -Sarohildi Whiskey, if you find any Ill be willing to pay you. Oh and cigarettes- Tanner Please for the love of god stay out of the minefield. You don't want to to be walkin around with one leg. -Nat Any Request, Reports, Comments or Concerns Please Write Below
  6. Legion

    Wholesome Thread

    Lion king
  7. Legion

    John Gasparino

    +that’s a spicy meatball
  8. Legion

    Uncle Legions Port-a-porium of wonder

    For our friend the great dictator [PM] Chun Min-shik: Either way, these two models would do it: models/half-dead/red orchestra 2/sov/greatcoat.mdl [LOG] Chun Min-shik used command '/pm Aly Either way, these two models would do it: models/half-dead/red orchestra 2/sov/greatcoat.mdl ' [PM] Chun Min-shik: models/half-dead/red orchestra 2/sov/rawrecruit.mdl[Sun Dec 23 00:46:55 2018] <STEAM_0:1:35556367> Chun Min-shik: /pm Aly models/half-dead/red orchestra 2/sov/rawrecruit.mdl
  9. Legion

    i hate gmod rp why am i here

  10. Legion

    Felix Carter's Ex-Military Experience

    Im neutral on this one. Gears fine as well as the MOS. It's the writing that gets me. You constantly repeat your characters name EVERY sentence which is very unnecessary. And most of it is just gunporn filler. I would focus more on your characters story instead of the weaponry.
  11. Legion

    Fire Hazard.