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  1. An important aspect of archival work is deciding what gets kept and what gets tossed out, after all. Still a favorite of mine.
  2. I'm all in favor of permadeath. Worst thing that happens if a character dies is you make a new one. I'm also in favor of pre-outbreak RP. Lets me play the Sims for a bit before I get ripped apart by zombies and 8 foot tall cool guy survivors wielding katanas.
  3. I apologize to everyone for the existence of this shitpost section of the website. I implore you to destroy it to improve the quality of the forum. I hope everyone is in good health.
  4. [align=center]The Black Beast[/align] [mod=Statesman_Arms Alert]The Black Beast is a heavily modified tractor-trailer owned by Kyle O'Malley and his company, Statesman Arms. The rig sports a metallic black coat of paint along most of the structure and a matte grey secondary coating along the push bars and metal reinforcements surrounding it. Plating-wise, the semi-truck is an armored tank, without the turret of course. Virtually the entire trailer and cab are covered in reinforced metal plating and Kevlar in certain other vital areas. The front bumper of the cab is essentially a giant battering ram, completely covering the grill and the engine. The sides of the engine are protected underneath the hood by shaped titanium and Kevlar. The doors to the cab are layered with metal, Kevlar, and ballistic nylon, though this is all on the inside of the door as to make it look as seamless and ordinary as possible. The glass windows of the cab and the trailer are layered with ordinary glass and poly carbonate, offering a high bullet resistance to most moderately-sized rounds such as the 5.56x45mm NATO round. The tires are made of a specialized composite RunFlat, allowing the vehicle to run for approximately 60 miles on a blown tire without sacrificing speed. Both the cab and the trailer offer living spaces, though the amount of space in the cab is noticeably more compact and without the pleasantries offered inside the trailer. While the Cab living space only offers a bed, a miniature desk and compartments for storage, the trailer is much more accommodating. The trailer offers a pair of beds on both sides of the main aisle and a small kitchen near the head, along with a 40-inch television screen that can be connected to a laptop or the built-in security cameras on the exterior of the vehicle. There is also a small closet that can fit a few pairs of outfits. At the very rear of the trailer is where the business makes its money; arms trading. For security reasons, the product and the "open space" are separated by reinforced metal plating and a ballistic glass window made of the same materials as the windows protecting the inside from out. Product can be viewed, but not touched. In times of peril when the Beast is being pursued, there is a mounted Browning M2 .50 caliber machine gun on the ceiling of the "open space", covered up by a security gate unless otherwise retracted by a security system. The Black Beast is a force to be reckoned with on the open road, and a haven for gun nuts who have the right amount of change when the business is open.[/mod] [spoil] [/spoil] [align=center] What is the Mishima Zaibatsu Tekken ass shit yo[/align]
  5. ">[bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo]
  6. Dankerbug


  7. "I have no enemies, only annoyances." Requiem Stranger (Mammoth) III* (The III is pronounced 3 not "The third") Height: 7' 0" Faith: Born Again Atheist, Formerly Passively Catholic Ethnicity: Canadian/Hawaiian/Polynesian/wisconsinan mix Build: Slimly Fast Hitter Eyes: You Can't Tell bc of his sunglasses Hair: Bleach black style: Only his tailored suits, katakana sheathes, bullet proof sunglasses, his black belt in karate Favorite color: Wound Red Behavior: "Heh, you'd like to know, huh kid?" is what Requiem Stranger (Mammoth) would say if you asked him. He is very introverted and shy ;) but can handle large crowds with both his silver tongue and his silver katana which his dad tried to give to him but he said no but got it before... the end of... this world... He cares very deeply for all of his friends which he doesn't have any out of choice because reliance is weakness 孤独の強さ. He is a kleptomaniac and takes what he wants no questions given. He is very quick to anger and has no patience for FOOLS that don't understand honor and the finer things in life. Before the war, he would hunt down criminals and thieves for his private contract company. Skills: Bestokayterrible Swordplay foreplay tailoring piloting caring honor speaks 6 languages firearms sneaking stealing murdering swords medical healing capability cooking Mechanics Hacking Drug making Close quarters combat katanas Current injuries/Disease: Inapplicable Disabilities: Cybernetic Relationships: Lover Part time lover AllyacquaintancedishonorableFOOLdeath wishdead Themes Main ">[bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] killing fools theme ">[bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] sad ">[bbvideo=560,315] [/bbvideo] (I'm making fun of Fireice in this post btw)
  8. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULDN'T TRY TO MAKE IT JUST AS GOOD (2020 Edit- You know I'm not gonna change this post I still agree with it.)
  9. [marq=left][glow=red][fade]-Support[/fade][/glow][/marq]
  10. I know there's been a lot of excitement about this project, so I'm here to tell you a little known fact that you can utilize to get the maximum Skywind experience! Just go play Morrowind
  11. PSA The Flash game Dragon Age: Journeys is the first entry in the Dragon Age series everyone knows Dragon Age: Legends is the best one anyway
  12. Myst is great and all but Pyst is obviously the superior game