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  1. Well i'm late. I'm actually really happy this is still going on after all these years. I just wanted to read my old character bios from the L4D Rp, and it was there. Glad to see it's still. *looks at various post dates* *Clears throat* Still going.
  2. I'm on the fence about this. I'm sure you're a good roleplayer, and we have that rule about child characters, though I fear a little for the guardian character being chained to doing what ever this child character does. All the time. Everywhere. I also just hate children.
  3. Fireice


    No context required.
  4. Found a bug Its been taken care of. -Legion
  5. Update 2 7/18/17 6:29 PM
  6. Fireice

    Hey moomoo

    Make Jane doe.
  7. I don't know of any besides the ones in PAC 3 But if there were perhaps more physics models besides capes, and cloth. Maybe like a trench coat model, or real baggy shorts, or maybe badass physics wigs Or maybe I'm an idiot.
  8. Now I'm never adding Seth, faggot!
  9. Fireice

    Sinnamon's app

    Just going of stereotypes. i'm sure there's a lotta hunters down in texas
  10. Could we get more hats and accessories models? I'd love a gentleman's cane, or pocket watch model. Heeeeh ya diq'ead
  11. Could we get more hat, and accessory models?