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  1. F2, you now know character Imen urerea
  2. it’s been a hot minute since the infection started, I think that’s why there’s not a big government presence, and why we push that military backgrounds at this point isn’t that important
  3. Enjoy the time with your family! Or if not at least your extended weekend OR AT LEAST the extra pay from work
  4. Well I don’t see why not +supper
  5. HyaneFleischer


    Im going to give a -Support for the following reasons: This application seems extremely hastily written with gaps in story that can easily be fixed. How protective is this vest? What can it stop? What is it meant for? Did you make it or was it issued? There doesn't seem to be much explanation on why your character was so able/willing to abandon her country she was serving by abandoning her APC and taking off on a ship. The lone uninfected person firing on her squad, killing all but her, also doesn't seem to make much sense, where did they come from, who were they with, that story point seems fairly tossed in and out of place. How could you character manage to maintain and operate a massive vessel all by her lonesome if she was the sole survivor? If she was on a ship with infected how was she not killed from the day to day. So your character is the lone survivor from her Army squad, Bulgaria group, and UK group? That's a bit excessive. So if the last landfall was in the UK with the UK group, and she left the UK group, how did she end up here, did she stay in the UK? if so how did she get to Minnesota? Did she wait till America to leave them? If so how did she get across the country considering the only feasible way the ship could've landed in America is on the opposite side of the country from Minnesota. Did she leave her stash of weapons on the ship? If so how did she possibly leave without leaving them with her group, or having them been distributed out to the groups she passed with, or used for trading? With more work I wouldn't be opposed to accepting this character but right now this doesn't seem to meet the community's standard that we've seen in the past.
  6. -REQUEST- I need any medical supplies y'all can spare for my clinic, anything you can give will help! -Rikki