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  4. Steam Name: Vuffa Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:18831923 Steam Profile Link: RP Experience: I've been RPing for a while. I don't have an exact year or anything of the sort, but my experience branches far and wide!!! How did you stumble upon our server?: I was an admin on MachoGaming and came over once its server went kaput. Character Name: Eden Sartor Character Sex: Female Character Age: 17-18 Occupation: Previously, a papergirl making pocket change on her first year of high school when it all went to Hell. Now? She's uh.. she's there. Character Equipment: Sig Sauer P229R - A small, compact pistol chambered in 9x19mm that Eden keeps stuffed into her waistband - just incase! She dreads using the thing and God forbid if it breaks. Includes half a magazine of ammo. Entrenching Tool - Stolen from a HUMVEE in her travels, Eden utilizes this more as it's meant to be used - a tool! In a pinch, however, it's proven to be a deadly weapon. Handheld Radio - Currently not set, but short-mid range communications are always useful! Strengths: Strong of Mind - Eden approaches all things with an open and optimistic attitude, born of a WILL to GO ON! She's a tough cookie in that most things cannot get her down and the things that do won't keep her down for long. Warm-Hearted - In a world where everyone's willing to tear eachother apart for a scrap of food, Eden considers herself a little spark of hope. She will strive to be hospitable, kind, caring and generally welcoming to all, even strangers. Photographic Memory - Eden is capable of remembering anything she's ever seen, for better or worse. Organization, learning and navigation are CHILDS PLAY to her. Tinkerer - As a self-taught creator combiner of rudimentary things, Eden is actually pretty good at putting things together. That doesn't mean they'll always WORK (because her imagination often gets away from her), but she's got the mind for it. Sometimes. Weaknesses: Weak of Body - Eden's a young girl who went through a major bodily growth without much nutrition around. She ain't tough. A little TOO nice - You know that one girl who'll talk your ear off if you give her the chance? Yeah. That's her. She means well, but GOD she can be annoying. Additionally, Eden's unbreakable optimism can land her in hot water with anyone looking to take advantage. It might even raise some red flags when Bobby Joe gets his head blown off and she's (outwardly) fine after a few days! Curiosity (or impulse) Killed the Cat - A young and eager mind is prone to making stupid moves. The kind of thing that, in a normal world, you could look back at in 30 years and laugh at. Frankly speaking, dumb luck has gotten her this far.
  5. Chelsie handed off her child to the group after she felt she was unable to take care of it on the same map with the burners in Gen 1. Due to events that took place afterwards, her child is no longer with the group. Adjust your things accordingly.
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    [uSING NOTEBOOK TO COMMUNICATE |Mid-to...] yells "Marsye!" [OOC] og finkleburgh: how the fuck this bitch yellin in a notebook