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  1. It was my bad to allow you this prior to the application. Havnt been on in ages and got some requirements mixed with other servers. Your roleplay however today was quite good and I'll give you that. I don't mind the back story as it makes sense and the Royal Marines are pretty similar to basic infantry. I'm iffy on the equipment but Im also just an event chord so Ill let what I've said sit.
  2. There's a single US made VSS by a dude who does gunsmithing for a living, he's had to jump through so many hoops, acquire multiple ATF stamps, and spend so much money along with the rifle still technically being illegal it just makes it hard to support something like that as much as so many of us want them. -Oh he quit.
  3. I like the application, but one thing is is that you cannot get a VSS Vintorez into the United States. ATF has deemed it unsuitable for sporting, internal suppressor which would require a stamp, and 9x39 is extremely hard to come across. That's just my input
  4. Wow, what is up cambrysiel it"s been a minute since S4
  5. You have a character that interacts with another one of your characters? The inception
  6. Looking to trade some 9x19 Parabellum for 5.56 if anyone has some to spare. -Carter
  7. +Support Anyone willing to wear bunker gear for four years is a badass. That shit is fucking terrible.
  8. Person Profile Birthname: Carter Anderson Alias(s): N/A Age: Thirty-Five (35) Ethnicity: Caucasian Nationality: American Gender: Male Hair colour: Dark Brown Eye colour: Dark Brown Skin colour: Caucasian Character Profile Description [Physical-Description] The Caucasian male stands at a taller stature. The man’s and hair both of the same dark brown color whilst his beard feature grey hairs spread about it. The man speaks with a rough and scratchy southern American accent. Marks of Distinction: -Large blade induced scar across left forearm -Full tattoo sleeve upon left and right arms -Tattoo on left lower Abdomen -Tattoo on left peck Attire of Distinction: -U.S Army OCP Combat Trousers -Black T-Shirt w/ Grey Fleece Jacket -Large Sherpa Overcoat -Brown Leather Stetson Hat w/ Hearing Protection and a painted bandana Equipment of Distinction: -The man is usually seen with a rugged and fatigues plate carrier, battle belt and toting an old M4. Medical Profile Military Service Profile Character Relationships: -To Be Added-
  9. I actually have contracted every single mental illness, experienced three strokes, and attempted to hang myself after reading this. Very cool, thank you Knomad
  10. Just an fyi, we call the mall here 16th Street Mall