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  1. but what about abigail. what about the baby.
  2. there is a t-posed homeboy looming in the backround.
  3. Paul Guetterman Paul Guetterman 2013, speaking on topics regarding Kansas Corporate Farming Laws. Paul, moments before shouting at Backston on how to properly hold his VEPR-12. Theme He's the man you get just about all of your produce from. Relations: Backston Dewar Chloe Chance Hey, this is what you're all here for, request to be added. W I P yee-haw
  4. Add the caretaker, the father, Backston Dewar, mental health assistant since 2017.
  5. This is a song I've been absolutely glued to for the past couple weeks, Jack Stauber knocked it out of the park with this one in my opinion. - My favorite part is without a doubt the unique transition at around a minute forty- The way he describes just how infatuated he is with someone all rings a lot of bells I think a good amount of people can relate to. [Indie pop(?) who knows.]
  6. Backston: "Jamie, did you love your sister?" Jamie: "Well of course, Backston. She meant the world to me." Backston: "Then why can't you spell her fucking name?"
  7. It's nice to meet you, but it's even better to meet me. My name is Knomad. I have 5700 hours with Backston in total and I specialize in sticking it straight up their fucking culo. Backston is a way of life for me. I go in there, I bend them over, I open their cheeks nice and wide. I get a nice clear view of the colon, prostate, and the coccyx; and I knuckle fuck them all the way up to the palm, right up the butt cunt so they feel a burning sensation deep in the ass pussy like icy hot. Backston is a way of life for me, I've never changed my character, fuck you. If at any point during the RP you want me to change characters, I gladly suggest you go fuck yourself. I follow absolutely no type of server rules. If you want to give orders, give them to each other, don't you dare bring that shit to me. All I know how to do is go in there, get a lot of poo poo on my peter, and a lot of shit on my dick from sticking it straight up their ass. Now let's go team.
  8. Boof. Backston is a friend of all animals.
  9. Knomad


    welcome to the place, i am the person