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  1. Is it bad that this is my first contribution to the community besides an intro is showing Knomad the video this is from?
  2. Hello Zero Hour it's a pleasure to meet you, but it's even better to meet me. I've been a roleplayer for ages now, I've done a fuckload of stuff from being a depressed plebian in Half Life Two RP waiting for Gordon Froman to come save us from the combine, to a medical Doctor in Fallout who was the worlds punching bag, to a trooper in Starship Troopers getting repeatedly killed and revived through space magic. I love playing the video games, and I just got a new laptop so I'm looking to broaden my horizons though I have a deep rooted love for Gmod as one of my first games. Now on a more personal note, I'm a male a few years above 20, I can't remember, I like everyone, and.. yea.. I consider myself mostly friendly. A pleasure to meet you all.