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  1. We're gonna have to take a vote on this one. I dunno if everyone approves of destroying such a treasured part of our history
  2. I uh... I think this was a bot post? But like... I'm not sure? They aren't selling anything? But it also makes literally no sense lol
  3. First off, thank you all for all the information. This is super helpful! This has been a big issue for me as well. I love what people can do in PAC, but I hate what people can do in PAC as well. In our last iteration at the end we implemented a system of actual armor you had to have in your inventory. If you didn't have the specific type of armor in your inventory and you had something PAC'ed on that looked like it, you're just wearing a cosplay suit basically. PAC is stupid hard to police so I think using something like this is the best method still of weeding people out, if you don't have a bullet proof plate in your inventory, you're wearing plate carrier with maybe a text book stuffed into it or nothing at all because in the end a plate carrier without it's plate is just some camo cloth. This also brings up the PVP question. Zero already brought up his points but I'm curious how others feel about handling PVP we've always worked on a system of let the players choose. We've never forced rolls onto people unless they felt they wanted them, or if they were argumentative with basic actions. The rolling system isn't complex enough to be totally fair obviously, not without stat modifiers and bonus's for people and that seems like something impossible to really work in well to Gmod RP anyway. We've always kind of let the players act it out and controlled from the background making judgment calls in the end if there was an argument (Which to be fair was actually pretty rare!) Most of our players were always pretty good about being fair in a PVP fight and not powergaming, but also understanding their own characters weaknesses. I still feel this is kind of the best situation, I don't know if creating a complex system of stats and the like would be needed if we can put the expectation on the players that they are here for the same reason as everyone else and to play fair. I don't mind popping into a fight scene and moderating it and letting people know when I feel they've powergamed or gone too far, it's obviously human nature to want to win a fight in anyway possible which may make you do something without realizing it. In the end though I'm not sure that's the most fun for the players and I want to make sure you guys get a system you enjoy as well!
  4. We have tried using other zombies if you're talking about NPC's and they always seem to be an annoyance more than anything RP enhancing, if you have something in mind as far as the NPC department goes I'd love to see it! The ones we had seemed to be the best of them, none of the NPCs were ever great honestly. As far as allowing special zombies and the like we can for sure allow more of those, last gen we may have been too strict on what we allowed and didn't allow so that's something we can totally consider allowing more of, I know our first gen we did after picking up from Macho's system we had some pretty crazy special infected that never were reborn in the second gen. How would you recommend going about this? I feel we've always tried being fair when it comes to injuries and not forcing people to RP out a broken leg for 6 weeks straight and the like. But I also know we were probably more strict on that front than most servers are. To me medical RP is boring and I hate every second of it, but I know we have a lot of community members that are both very good at it and seem to really enjoy it, so I wouldn't want to totally take that experience out of it for people who want to play through that. But I'd love to hear if you had something in mind regarding how to make it flow better while keeping it at least mostly realistic! A couple more questions I have had. What's the general opinion of permakilling people especially early on in the outbreak (Or at all). This is when most people are most vulnerable and it obviously adds to the story line, but it also ends with a character that someone created no longer being able to be played. We have always been very cautious when we approach killing a player character, we've for sure let people get away with things that we probably wouldn't let ourselves get away with for the sake of them keeping their characters. It also always creates drama when a player feels they were unjustly targeted in someway. I know in the last start we did, we had a guy at the start that was running around kiting the NPCs and punching them in the face to slowly kill a hoard, so we had an admin get on a player controlled zombie and attack him as the hoard, obviously it didn't end well. (This was after multiple attempts at telling the guy he'd been hit by the hoard or he should probably not play with zombies and should run away.) but in the end he felt targeted and harassed and quit the community after it. And in the end maybe these are just the people we will weed out that don't understand our system and how we handle things. It's a very tight balancing act I feel of making the players know there is actual risk to there actions, but also being fair and not just killing people for making a simple mistake even though, in this setting a simple mistake could get you killed. So I'd love to know how you guys feel about handling permakilling and the like with the player base! And another thing I want to know from you guys is what you think is a good option for loot. We obviously can't be called to every single car trunk or wooden box people find to roll the dice and see if the find a dead rat or an .50 cal in there, it's impractical and stupidly inefficient. But we still want to control the loot and how it's handled out, and we still want to make sure that players have to work for it in some way or another for a lot of stuff. Obviously minor loot we can leave out and let people find, I believe we can even push storage containers into trunks and stuff to hold loot, but the big problem with this is when no one is on, someone can hop on and just run around stealing everything for themselves, so I'm wondering if the best solution is to make any loot that's more than a melee weapon be event only. That way we can make sure people are not just running around our maps trying to find the best gun on the map, and if we end up giving more stuff out throughout our events I'd imagine more people would be wanting to play more often. But this causes the problem of running enough events to keep things going so this is a difficult process. I feel we've been pretty strict when it comes to loot for sure, and I think that's probably driven people away, but we've always felt that the server should never be about loot hoarding, and we never want to encourage that kind of thing. We've PKed people who refuse to stop running around alone stealing all the loot on the map. So that's another thing I'd love ideas on, I'd love to know if you guys have a system in mind or a better solution to loot and how to handle it!
  5. Hello! I hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times. We've obviously been discussing returning to give everyone who's stuck at home something to do in their now abundant free time. In order to return I think it's best if we restart from the ground up again. Start a new story line with new characters and all that good stuff. There's plenty to iron out and this isn't a promise that we will even manage to start something up but I want to hear from you guys! This is our chance to have another totally fresh start and I want to include the community as much as possible in creating some of the lore and I want you included in some of the decisions we make as well! One of the first questions I have for you all is what is your opinion on using the current situation globally as a starting point? It's obviously kind of perfect for our theme, but is using it too insensitive to the situation? Let me know how you feel about that. The next thing I want to know is where you all would like to start up! Start before anything happens, just everyday normal life RP for a few days? Or should we start a few days in as things are already starting to ramp up? And I want to know what you guys want! What type of story, how realistic you want it, map ideas, event ideas. Anything you want to see added or just want to bring up for discussion, feel free to post here or send me a message! Hell even let me know if you think it's a terrible idea to start again! I wouldn't go about making new forum threads or anything right now, I'm going to move the old stuff around and rebuild it for a new start, don't worry I wont be deleting anything, it will be just like last time, character profiles and the like will just be stuffed in another folder that you'll be able to browse to!
  6. Hello, While I may not be active on gmod server as I can't take the time dedication it takes to play there, we've been discussing setting up a Minecraft server for people to play on and help keep our community active between evens and what not. So I'm looking for your input! We're thinking about setting up just an anarchy server with the only real rule being no griefing. The reason for this is so we don't need to worry about a constant admin team monitoring the server. We can setup anti-griefing tools and the like, past that we expect basically anything to go. I want to know what you'd guys like to see so we can set it up and getting it running ASAP. Feel free to let me know what you guys think or what you'd like to see!
  7. Big oof... Sending my Thoughts and Prayers for your poor charger.
  8. Hey everyone, just wanting to provide an update here. As some of our keen eyed members have noticed, the beta tag was removed from the server when the Wildlands server came up. And now that we're back at full capacity with our team back from holiday we're ready to officially announce it. We're super excited to see where this goes this time around. Huge props to Empty for spending literal days coding and screaming at .lua files. Thank you all for your patience with us, We love you guys!
  9. Welcome to the Wildlands! The Wildlands server is now officially up and running. You can only connect to it through a server hopper in the main server. Hit E on the CEDA board there and it will bring up a menu to select the server. Currently it always says there's 0/0 players, dunno why, still looking into that, not a huge deal. It also has floating text spinning through it (Model is bigger than what the script originally intended, looking into a fix to make it sit above or in front of the model) For reference sake. the server hopper can be found in this outpost here: There will be an identical return server hopper at spawn in the Wildlands, but you can always just rejoin the main server at anytime as well. Your Characters and Items should transfer over without any issues between the servers, if you guys have any issues please report them as this is a new system to us. Hope you guys have fun in the more chaotic world of Wildlands! (Also there's been some content updates if you've missed them please make sure you have all the latest content before joining)
  10. If you want to try and get a group to go back out and search stuff you're totally free to do that in server, none of this is really an event, more something you're already free to try and do. If people want to join you great, if not, then you can figure out if you wanna go alone or not. This is all stuff that can be handled in the server and doesn't need any approval or walk through process.
  11. Whoa shit we read these?! Welcome aboard!
  12. This app isn't amazing by any means, It still has the problems listed above in my eyes at least. The story feels like it was puzzle pieced together, the name Felix is still in there 30+ times. I'd really recommend writing it out again and proof reading it a few times, maybe even have someone else proof read it to help make things more clear and concise, we prefer quality over quantity, it does't need to be a 5-paragraph essay to be a good base story. Though from seeing you RP and seeing how you handle yourself in the server I'm willing to put in my Support for this. I would rather see this re-written and made a bit better but I'm personally willing to work with it because I've seen you RP.
  13. I'm not sure about the rest of the team but that all works for mew, I'll throw my +Support in.
  14. I'm happy to give this support. This app is just fine. Just a few things to cover first for me. How does he still have all his fireman clothing after 4 years of wear and tear of every day use? And the hand drawn map doesn't do a whole lot if he got lost and didn't know where he was going at the end there and just stumbled onto us. Once we get those cleared up I see no problems other than a few minor spelling issues, which to me is very minor.