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  1. Zerghunter

    charger borked

    Big oof... Sending my Thoughts and Prayers for your poor charger.
  2. Zerghunter

    End of Beta!

    Hey everyone, just wanting to provide an update here. As some of our keen eyed members have noticed, the beta tag was removed from the server when the Wildlands server came up. And now that we're back at full capacity with our team back from holiday we're ready to officially announce it. We're super excited to see where this goes this time around. Huge props to Empty for spending literal days coding and screaming at .lua files. Thank you all for your patience with us, We love you guys!
  3. Zerghunter

    Welcome to the Wildlands!

    Welcome to the Wildlands! The Wildlands server is now officially up and running. You can only connect to it through a server hopper in the main server. Hit E on the CEDA board there and it will bring up a menu to select the server. Currently it always says there's 0/0 players, dunno why, still looking into that, not a huge deal. It also has floating text spinning through it (Model is bigger than what the script originally intended, looking into a fix to make it sit above or in front of the model) For reference sake. the server hopper can be found in this outpost here: There will be an identical return server hopper at spawn in the Wildlands, but you can always just rejoin the main server at anytime as well. Your Characters and Items should transfer over without any issues between the servers, if you guys have any issues please report them as this is a new system to us. Hope you guys have fun in the more chaotic world of Wildlands! (Also there's been some content updates if you've missed them please make sure you have all the latest content before joining)
  4. Zerghunter

    Doom Slayer's Event-ish Idea

    If you want to try and get a group to go back out and search stuff you're totally free to do that in server, none of this is really an event, more something you're already free to try and do. If people want to join you great, if not, then you can figure out if you wanna go alone or not. This is all stuff that can be handled in the server and doesn't need any approval or walk through process.
  5. Zerghunter

    Sillykilla's Staff Application

    Whoa shit we read these?! Welcome aboard!
  6. Zerghunter

    Felix Carter's Ex-Military Experience

    This app isn't amazing by any means, It still has the problems listed above in my eyes at least. The story feels like it was puzzle pieced together, the name Felix is still in there 30+ times. I'd really recommend writing it out again and proof reading it a few times, maybe even have someone else proof read it to help make things more clear and concise, we prefer quality over quantity, it does't need to be a 5-paragraph essay to be a good base story. Though from seeing you RP and seeing how you handle yourself in the server I'm willing to put in my Support for this. I would rather see this re-written and made a bit better but I'm personally willing to work with it because I've seen you RP.
  7. Zerghunter

    Fire Hazard.

    I'm not sure about the rest of the team but that all works for mew, I'll throw my +Support in.
  8. Zerghunter

    Fire Hazard.

    I'm happy to give this support. This app is just fine. Just a few things to cover first for me. How does he still have all his fireman clothing after 4 years of wear and tear of every day use? And the hand drawn map doesn't do a whole lot if he got lost and didn't know where he was going at the end there and just stumbled onto us. Once we get those cleared up I see no problems other than a few minor spelling issues, which to me is very minor.
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  13. Zerghunter

    Backston is a way of life for me.

    I think I caught Autism from this post, thanks a lot.
  14. Zerghunter

    Hello My Name Is Nibbles

    Welcome to the hype train
  15. Zerghunter

    Beta Reopening tomorrow

    Beta is live! GO GO GO