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  1. I do like the idea of starting over and doing a pre infection event done a bit more slowly and gradually leading up to an outbreak, like what ejflorkey mentioned. I'd be down for anything that the server does end up deciding though and working with whatever works for everybody. In terms of the Infection start we would need a good time setting, what city it takes place and all of those minor details as well as how we're going to be setting up characters who want to be police/ems/etc.
  2. dis shit a WIP but a new survivor has arrived!
  3. Jonathan Lemieux Physical Attributes Name: Jonathan Lemieux Nicknames: 'Jon' Nationality: French Canadian Height: 5'11 Age: 25 Hair Color & Style: Short Brown hair Eye Color: Blue Skin Color: Somewhat tanned Notable Features: Scruffy beard, tattoo's, dog bite scar on her lower jaw Background Information Hometown: Lorraine, Montreal, Canada Current Location: 'Wildlands' of Minnesotta Education: •High School Diploma •Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering Previous Occupation: Working for the Train system inside of Montreal, one of the senior engineers Current Occupation: Wanderer Languages: English, French. Advanced Information •Jonathan lost his wife and child in the Apocalypse •Hunger right now is an issue for him, he doesn't have a stable food supply •He is a wanderer, he's been wandering since the loss of his Family. •He can be fairly bitter and lash out toward people, given how he misses the old life •He's tired, everybody's limit's has been pushed since the start of the Apocalypse. Relations |●| Loved - |●|Love Interest - |●| Family |●| Great Friend - |●| Friend - |●| Liked - |●| Acquaintance - |●| Dislike - |●| Hate |●|
  4. i read this in the morning and thought it was serious
  5. that shit slaps yo [pop punk or w/e]
  6. All jokes aside thank you! Glad to help out