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  1. but then the value of enjoyment from it would drop immensely. we'd always know it's there, and it'd be available with no interference. we'd take it for granted, and also burn out from it. Such is human hubris.
  2. damn bro my pants are shitted in anticipation
  3. Look, you all know me, you know I've been here for a while, and you know I love you guys, and hopefully you love me in return. But I gotta nip this shit in the bud right now. I've been seeing a bit of unfair treatment or, I wouldn't say this because of the harsh implication, abuse. Some of it I could look past, y'know, but after today? I don't think I could bring myself to play on this server if this keeps up. I used to know a better ZeroHour, way back then. But this version seems like one I can barely recognize, and that especially goes to the staff team. I thought it was nice when this was done: (An_Emptybag) Chip Weaver has set (Nyanch) Alexandria Brooks' rank to chungus. Length: Indefinitely. But guess what? He fucking took it away 5 minutes later. Like what the fuck? What kind of shit is this admin abuse? Who are you to determine if I am chungus or not? Who are you to dethrone my position and sabotage my reign? And more frankly, why? To flaunt power? To show that even though I may be chungus, I will never compare to an admin? Or humiliate me and strip me of my identity? This is going way too far.
  4. Thanks for the update. Don't drive yourselves too crazy over getting things up and running, tho.
  5. I'm kind of a stickler when it comes to stuff like this in an app. I feel like you could've done a bit more of a constructive statement, but otherwise they both carry the same weight in words so it's not really that big of a deal. Anyway, past that, I've roleplayed with you quite a bit. Granted, it's not a lot of times that we did if I recall, but the interactions nonetheless were memorable themselves,. You're an above average roleplayer from what I've seen so off the bat I'm already kind of inclined towards a 'yes'. The story you have written is reminiscent of something Tom Clancy would write. The fact that you put in the effort alone to write numerous paragraphs shows you're not in it for the scripts, rather to establish a well-developed character with a thought-out backstory. There's a great bit of attention to detail, as to show you know what you're getting in to if you get authorized. The music was a nice little addition to build atmosphere to the story, as well. Again, detail and sincere interest in developing this character shows. An interesting tid-bit to note is that you chose S.A.S instead of any of the U.S forces, which I share the same opinion as Squeje, it's a breath of fresh air to see that. As for the actual auth itself, what I really appreciate is how you went deep into detail with the specifics and even miscellaneous objects are included, like something as simple as the Abseil rope. I know I might be kind of underplaying the use of the item, but still. Another cherry-pick on my end is your negative traits. It makes sense for someone in the service, or who was in the service, to be a bit of a stern guy and a paranoid one, too. I just hope these attributes don't pop up all too often. Granted, negatives balance out what you have for the positives, but worst case scenario would be some paranoid guy who doesn't trust anyone so he stays away from the masses, and for when he does interact, he'd come off as a hard-ass and be a know-it-all. I trust you to make it work in a way that isn't that hampering on the experience, yet is still a sort of burden, if that makes sense. The only weakest link in this authorization is the 'why', in my opinion. Otherwise, everything else shows effort to go above and beyond to establish a character. +Support
  6. Nyanch


    [LOOC] Marceline Blackwell: how do I f3 [LOOC] Marceline Blackwell: nvm [LOOC] Alexandria Brooks: f3 [LOOC] Marceline Blackwell: I"m literally [LOOC] Marceline Blackwell: a dogbrain [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: wtf [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: the fuck [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: was that [LOOC] Marceline Blackwell: I've bee ndrinking leave me alone [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: holy [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: shit [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: how do i f3 [LOOC] Ryan Edwards: that's one for the ages
  7. Little bit of update prepping for the server's return. I've cleaned up the formatting that was broken, and added a clarification in equipment. Obviously as stuff goes on, I'm gonna tweak it, and probably redo the relations list when the server launches. If there's anyone I'm missing, don't be afraid to pipe up!
  8. Could I get Alexandria back? Pretty hyped for the server coming back, btw. Thanks for the work, guys.
  9. Nyanch


    "What's god?" asks Backston Dewar
  10. Nyanch


    **Miles Winters flicks his cigarette to the ground, placing some gun in his mouth and chewing it
  11. If you see her, just steer clear, we're on a live-and-let-live policy with her right now. -Alexandria
  12. I've been updating this quite a bit so I guess I'll go ahead and bump it to let people know.