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  1. The long time-taking is half our fault and half not. We are still in the process of bugging our schema. But we can only work as fast as our coder is allowing us too. He (as well as all of us) have life stuff that needs to be handled, especially a couple of months ago. I don't think any of us have given up on anything, whenever Zerg & I get a new build we bug it and send over our findings. We don't wanna start with a broke ass server. It's just slow going. On top of that, scheduling is also just hard in general. Silver lining though, its not like covid has gone anywhere :(
  2. that site update shoulda went live as of a couple days ago, if theres any issues please let us know
  3. Parroting Zerg, in reference to Zero, I coded an exceptionally rudimentary yet functional way of determining proof of PAC by implementing various Body Armor Items which were single slot, unusable placeholders that were essentially proof tickets of Visual PAC gear. If someone got shot and claimed they had it, all it took was an admin proof of their inventory (or them dropping it) at which point 1) The injury would be lessened accordingly and 2) Depending on the damage, the armor was either returned or deleted. PAC is amazing, and especially with the newest one people are forcing life down this old games bullet. I think most would agree it brings gmod at least into the last decade in terms of functionality and memories before PAC were bleak text only representations of variance in character. I love seeing what people could do and how they visualize their character, especially coming from a modeling and game design background. But presently I think Occams Razor is the best case use here; this is a quick and simple answer to a gritty problem, and I think anything else would overcomplicate something that otherwise is generally agreeable by our players.
  4. You can't see them, but they're there! (And very W.I.P please dont look oh god) good news is mobile is functional again but tee hee only I can use it for now
  5. On the internal side of things as far as loot goes, we essentially have done everything listed so far short of spawning stuff and holding an internal loot table that the team is aware of and respawn accordingly when we are on and delete when they leave. Honestly there is no good solution other than a tedious one and while we want the experience for players to be fun I feel comfortable speaking for others when we want it to be fun for the admin team as well. We could instead simply spawn parts of weapons that way people running around looting late at night end up with some barrels and springs. It wouldnt be hard to implement and would require an admin item trade with some RP tossed into the mix....it just is kinda silly that nobody would ever find full weapons (unless prevented, which may work). I know before what I was personally doing was super hiding some good shit but making ammunition itself plentiful. We even had a mini Metro situation going for a bit. That way it's useful and a bargaining chip and players feel like they've progressed but cant outwardly hurt others wirh their findings . I think it should be reiterated that half of the team sprouted from a low event background and the other half thoroughly enjoys events. I think either way its handled we try to keep hollywood to a minimum, but may play into it if the players are having fun. But it should be stated that particularly as an admin we really enjoy passive as all we really can be surprised by is the otherwise (for lack of a better term, in comparison) "mundane" character development aspects. The exception of a random admin event surprise to another non withstanding (generally we all communicate and that's how the server doesnt fall apart). So there needs to be a healthy balance of both action and non action. I find that some adrenaline junkies really love beating NPCs to death even when there is no map mode graph. I'd like to know if people enjoy those truly or would rather have an admin special infected event in place of hoardes of unresponsive glitchy hitbox trash running at barricades and slapping them to Mars. I think PKs are imperative and teach newcomers we mean it when we say we are serious rp I think punishments were handled well with the Richard and sunny saga with the robbery. Things similar to that nature are a good alternative to an entire PK as a forewarning. Theres probably more to say but I'm at work on my phone currently so I'll probably chime in more later. Also hello everyone, I've heard your pleas for a return for many a month :)
  6. While nobody on the team has an issue with a cool axe and good melee weapons (because god are those hard to find), the issue is nowadays TFA does singles. Our addons list is huge and while we make active attempts to cull it all the time, newcomers always say we have too much despite us not really having a ton at all...we just like scenery. Then there's also the problem of possibly conflicting weapon bases. We have TFA legacy stuff because when he started releasing new packs they were all pretty Sci-Fi. Not saying there's def gonna be errors but it may happen down the road. idk, i always am on the prowl for sum gud weapons but I'd prefer a pack over singles. That being said this axe is nifty and I do like it.
  7. Well, if you didn't notice before, auto-embedding had been enabled since we last really actively used the forum, but over the last week it appeared to not be working. Turns out the theme was ver. 1.3; the current version is 2.1.5 As a result, embedding now works (woops!) and probably other things we didn't catch onto yet.
  8. I have a few concerns, but without planting any subconscious seeds for rp I'm weary about, I'm just going to give you an ACCEPTED and see where it takes us.
  9. There is, you're in luck :D If you're going for a more atoning character, I'll give you a broken shotty for you to create a nice fight story for. ACCEPTED
  10. You have a plate carrier with a front and back plate, a melee survival weapon of choice (probably a seaknife or something), and you found 2 mags for a pistol of choice and bullets for them along the way, since you've been in the US for awhile. I expect you to straighten up the hazy two adolescent years spent alone through rp because it sounds somewhat unbelieveable but you have vouches and are nice so show us something fun and cool :) At work but consider this ACCEPTED.
  11. Please note this backstory may or may not be 100% accurate as of the date of this comment and our soft start (8/27/19); the admin team is still working on how we want to explain or handle the absences of players for such a long time.
  12. Get with the times boyo, we added a few more things (mostly to supplement how TNB's addons changed to be all heads).
  13. If you have the vouches, I'm fine with everything. Pistol of choice doesnt need to be the glock if you dont want it to. Uniform, cuffs, knife, soft vest, taser is a cool idea. I'm even fine to say you have the shotty, whether it's broken or not could be up to you if others think that's ok. If you like the passive rp then you can rp accumulating parts and trying to get the thing to work as a motivator of sorts or you can say you lugged it from your patrol car and make some backstory outta it. Sorry for being curt but I'm at work. Like I said if you have the vouches and rp well I'm good with everything.