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  1. Emptybag

    Bulat means Steel - A Original Character

    I had been reading this occasionally throughout my packed day to try and lay down the law for how I felt on this issue, and I suppose I'll leave it here for the future, before I close and move this thread. Firstly, if the person who made the request ever sees this, I appreciate the effort you clearly put into the idea for the character and despite the language barrier, you definitely managed to convey your idea. However, I do stand by my fellow admins' opinions. Gonna keep it short since he probs won't even read it, but whatev: Before apping for something like this, try to RP on a more nuanced civilian more so the admin team can get a taste for your RP style (I have been absent for 2-3 weeks so if you have, forgive me) The VSS thing is complicated, yeah. I wouldn't have allowed it myself. As for someone who creates bullets/ repairs firearms, if you're dealing mostly with eastern weapons it'd be much less of a useful skill considering this takes place in the USA Furthermore, we have no real way to enforce the repaired items possibly 'blowing up' as per your idea you had mentioned unless we tie an admin next to every player shooting a weapon modded/repaired by the character. It wouldn't work well, and I'm sure people would inevitably feel targeted when they were told their firearm malfunctioned. As I've said on numerous other apps before this one, the backstory stuff is awesome for character building and while we are to a degree concerned with that, as it is 4 years into the apoc the info that is more interesting is how the character lived from 2016-now; the troubles and tribulations they faced. However, regardless denied via request by poster.
  2. Emptybag

    RP Item for Jamie

    Yes, you are granted a fishing pole lol ive been working on trying to get a working fishing system but they're all broke so /shrug
  3. Emptybag

    End of Beta!

    There is still lua screaming ahead, I need to tweak whisper radius and chat color which literally toasted the test server Onward and upward, as they say
  4. [Current Day], 2021. Four years after initial outbreak, back in 2016. Many have fought countless battles to make it this far. Most who haven't, wouldn't have made it this far. But you did. Whether it be by might or by intellect, you stood out from the crowd, and pushed through surviving. We all have. There are two main groups in this Minnesota Military compound. Holed up in an old Abandoned Nike Missile bunker-turned-Tourist-Trap, is the 2016 "Chicago" survivors, who have been here the longest since mid 2019, and the 2017 "Dallas City" survivors, who came around June/July 2020. The former consists nearly entirely of people that have known each other since the initial outbreak in Chicago and have banded together for all four consecutive years with one another, easily demonstrating the well oiled machine that has become their structure and unity. It is evident through their administration duties and how they compose themselves that they have suffered through thick and thin, gained ingenuity out of necessity, and forged a system that has kept them going. The ladder group is composed of a hodge-podge of people from around the Southern/Mideastern United States, demonstrating their familial nature in how they respect one another and the bonds they gained through their time in what is now viral wastelands; it is no secret they have suffered just as much as any other group has, and become stronger through it. While the Dallas survivors lack the rather rigid structure and rules of safety & procedure of the Chicago survivors, it becomes exceedingly clear without prolonged exposure that these two ways of living gel and morph one another, becoming a cohesive community. Opposites tend to attract, and while they aren't necessarily on polar ends of the spectrum, the fact they have found each other and cooperate shows that there is a reason all of these people still live. For those on the outside of this humble community, the winter, particularly in this region, has been fraught with plenty of turbulence. Not only that, but besides the weather there is the actual outbreak to worry about, and the banditry to boot. In these four years, you might not have seen everything, but you would be hard pressed to have had it easy. At first, there were simply hundreds of thousands of walkers....then runners. Within six months, there began to show signs of mutation; anybody moderately versed in the nature of such things could tell that the normal undead became more receptive of humans and would react accordingly. And that doesn't even take into account the actual monstrosities, the bastards of nature that the virus brought with it. A year in, there were screamers that easily popped eardrums, caused poor vision, and caused sensory overload, essentially stunning those unfortunate enough to hear their call -- and those screamers only brought more attention. Large ones that exploded or vomited to attract any nearby, ones who spat acid, some who constricted, and other who jumped and rended; roided out muscleheads that sought nothing other that to destroy -- all sorts came out of the woodwork. Once two years rolled around, this saw the rise of even more anomalies, and while the last set of mutations weren't exactly common but could be dealt with, these ones were even rarer and proved to be much more formidable foes. Fire-immune runners. EMP Techs, who utilize a latent energy field nearby to disrupt ALL devices in an area. Dark Lurkers that, as their name implies, hide where none can see yet manage to squeeze through crevices with ease and pack rush toward eviscerating their prey. Simple runners who, despite numerous sustained injuries, simply never seem to truly die, only retreat. Malformed infected, that use their superior constitution and odd limbs to thwart attacks. Giant balls of flesh that engorged themselves on prey and swallowed whole. Strictly speaking, none of this was easy to deal with, particularly after two years in. Ammunition became a commodity that spelled life or death more than ever before, canned food was raided from most obvious areas, and this isn't even mentioning the nature of mankind, ever greedy and willing to resort to violence all too easily. Murderers, rapists, experimenters, crazed doctors, straight up lunatics and madmen, all roamed the streets. For some, the ambient environment was enough to cause them to go mad, simply jumped off a building into a hoarde. For others, they believed they truly were immune, only to figure out the hard way that they in fact, were not. Some lived after getting bit by chopping off a limb fast enough, but only to endure their friends and family fall around them. Others turned cold to deal with the trauma, cutting off all access to emotion. Even trained soldiers proved to be no match for some of these infected, the squad protecting the very bunker the community is based in having been overrun upon their arrival. At this point, it's survival of the fittest, every man for themselves, trust nobody, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. These methods and practices were proved time and time again, over the four years. But you lived through your own battles. Whether it was medical complications, the infected, the environment, or the people you met -- you survived it all, to this point. It was once said to sup with the might, one must walk the path of daggers...and it would appear you have arrived to what many would call a respite from the madness. This by no means proves 100% safety, however. There is still no word whatsoever about a cure, nobody in any sect of any military knows anything, and many years ago any broadcasts were completely cut off. You don't have to like or trust everyone here, and surely there are those that already live here that do not; but this just might be your best bet to make it another year.
  5. Emptybag

    Wholesome Thread

    *Corrected for angles, noise, blur, light casting
  6. Emptybag

    Wholesome Thread

    When the entire pop stares at TV static as the entire script of Lion King is recanted and players RP reactions
  7. Emptybag

    John Gasparino

  8. Emptybag

    Chelsie Jasmine (Gen 1)

    PM an admin with your reasoning and we will see what we can do.
  9. Emptybag

    John Gasparino

  10. Emptybag

    Uncle Legions Port-a-porium of wonder

    I'm relatively certain you can make a 1:1 recreation of this in PAC. Keep in mind we generally want to keep our content lower, as well as help people. All you'd need is a PMC body with a riot helmet and scarf w/ goggles. Whether you're cleared for all that gear or not idk, but my point here is that it's very easily made in PAC
  11. I super thought this was serious too I-I mean, of course it's a serious issue, this chungus business. I dunno who would mess with that.
  12. Emptybag

    Paul Guetterman, of Guetterman Family Farms.

    It was formerly played by me, but I have enough to juggle on my own without playing the group farmer
  13. Emptybag

    Jacob Miller, “The Bush” (Gen 2)

    For the sake of my sanity please decide/indicate which Gen jacob this is, because that will reflect what characters of mine (or others) you add
  14. Emptybag

    Carter Anderson

    Just commenting to mention that you & Ricky have the same song lol, dunno if it was planned, but it sure is interesting
  15. Emptybag

    Alexander Bordeaux

    awh poo dot gets a deaht spot but hannah doesnt get a living spot