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  1. Steam Name: Apathy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:71902948 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104071625/ Rp Experience: Uh, The last seven years or so. Cyberpunk Rp, Metro RP, 28 days later RP, Killzone RP How did you stumble upon our server?: Orlov discord foolish mortals! Character Name: Annie Akkermans Character Sex: Female Character Age: 25 Previous Major Occupation(s): Fire Department Character Equipment: Some sort of Camo suit, bags and canteen. Beanie and Winter cap An old cassette player with a few tapes. Moral Alignment Chaotic Neutral Strengths: Management of resources Tells it to you straight, even if you wont like what you hear. Improvisation Weaknesses: Impulsive Vulgar Seems like a dick, even if it's not their intention Character Backstory Akkermans had been an immigrant to the US quite some time before the collapse of society. They had worked as a firefighter in South africa prior to their immigration, eventually settling as some sort of dooms day prepper in the US. They couldn't hold a job, and spent most of their time stockpiling what they could. Soon enough they started to see the telltale signs that something was coming. Instead of heading out to try and assist their now fellow New Yorkers against this infection, she decided to sit on her stockpile and live the life for the next few years on her own. Though when supplies run low, and you realize you gotta leave sometime? Well you have to do just that, finding New York to be too dangerous, Akkermans traveled more inland, likely soon running into the group. Akkermans was always noted to have a cynical out-view on life, as noted by others she worked with prior.
  2. Met them on Respite when I made my return. They're a competent roleplayer from what I've seen of them on respite at the least. For the most part I'd give a +support Only thing Im mixed on is that they're at the ripe age of 20 and in or 'served' in the Royal Marines, if they were current what were they doing here? since at that age its not really feasible? I would maybe reccomend clearing that bit up.