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  1. 's up to you boss. I will say that the character's motivator's would be more on the atoning side, than the functioning gear side. I'm hoping for him to turn out as a maker of some sorts eventually, but first he has to not die in the wilderness! :o EDIT: Something I neglected to add in the main post (other than a passing mention in backstory), is that one of his strengths would be that he's generally mechanically savvy, having a baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering, he can probably put things together, take things apart, and jury rig most things. If he can't do it right away, he can probably do it given enough time. RE-EDIT: Did some research. OPP only switched to the Glock 17m last year, so it ought to be a Sig Sauer if there is one on the server.
  2. Foreword I do realize that you ask for proof of roleplaying ability, demonstrated by time spent in the community. In this case, I was hoping that my previous experiences with Legion and AlphaZero could prove, as well as the contents of the application itself. It serves to show that I'm willing to put research and time in to make things thorough and beleivable. If this is not okay, just let me know and I'll wipe the post and reapply another time. The purpose of the app is not to gain gear. As will be mentioned again further below, I only list out reasonable things to pick through and decide what is still in the posession of the character based on their prior job history and position during the outbreak. My main goal here is to aquire crafting authorization (semi advanced, hopefully), and to just have the character himself. Steam Name: LykosNychi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32741671 Steam Profile Link: Rp Experience: Four years of Serious RP spread across Clockwork, Blackbox, Helix, Nutscript, and various other branched schemas and frameworks. Most of it is concentrated in apocalypse based scavenging servers. Another 2 years of text based discord/Line/Facebook/Forum RP. Probably about 3 years overall of adminning, GMing, and modding for roleplay communities, so I do know how to remain serious and considerate of fairness. How did you stumble upon our server? Invited by @legion, and also saw the IP posted on a completely random unrelated Gmod community. Essentially one of the guys there figured it looked good enough to invite people, so he did. Character Name: Aiden Petras Character Sex: Male Character Age: 34 in the year 2021 Previous Major Occupation(s): General Engineer, City of Ottawa Police Sergeant, OPP Character Equipment: Not expecting anything fancy here. I did some digging and couldn't really determine much about canadian police equipment. Specifically delving into the OPP, which is what covers most county based and rural judicial systems or jurisdictions, here's what I found an officer to regularily be equipped with for patrol, that I know for sure. I leave it to you all to decide what survived through five years of apocalypse, and a journey to Minnesota, and what might've been traded in. The only things I truly request are the uniform itself, his badge (They're kept in small wallets, not displayed) and his sidearm. Even if the sidearm is nonfunctional, Mitchel would've kept it, or at least whatever parts of it he could salvage such as the grip or the slide. Sentimental value relating to his backstory. Everyting here is just a list of potential gear which was issued, and or could've been aquired during his exfiltration and 5 years of the apocalypse. -Black duty belt -Dark blue tactical vest with MOLLE webbing and removable police placards for chest and back. Uniform is dark blue with gold lettering and shoulder flashes. -Dark Blue service pants with a single wide light blue stripe down each pantleg, and a matching servace cap with a matching hat band. -Soft Body Armour (Likely IIIa, but I have no way of confirming) -Taser X2 Conducted Energy Weapon -Glock 17m (Previous sidearms were the Sig Sauer P229 DAO/P229R DAK .40S&W) -Ammunition (I don't know how much is standard, but I do know it's highly regulated as it's all service provided) -Handcuffs & Keys -Utility blade -All patrol vehicles are equipped with either a Colt Canada C8 Patrol rifle in .223, or a Remington 870 in 12 gauge. Any OPP armoury/station housing Tactics and Rescue team gear would also carry the following, although it's accessbility to a patrol sergeant would be debateable. -Accuracy International AW -Armalite AR10 -Colt Canada C8 Patrol CQB carbine -Knights Armament SR25 -Heckler& Koch MP5 Things that would've likely been picked up along the way: -Trade materials such as useful scraps and tools -Tools to repair/make things using his engineering degree alongside trial and error -Some sort of backpack or duffelbag. -A multitool -A radio that's not locked into an OPP/RCMP/Municipal dispatch frequency -Enough of whatever is considered currency to haggle out supplies. Moral Alignment: I'm not really sure where to put him, as it would have definitely changed from before the Outbreak. Probably some paradoxical hybrid of Chaotic good and Lawful Evil. The man will push self sacrifice to absurd extremes to atone for past mistakes, as well as setting his own moral code and refusing to deviate from it to the point of fanaticism. Not really a fan of using 'alignments' to define a character. Strengths: -Strong moral code -Creative problemsolving -Usually cool under pressure -Potential leadership material -Wilderness and tracking experience -light urban/rural combat and safety training and experience -Knows his way around a firearm -Social work and de-escalation training -Used to leading, but also used to following. -Strong moral code Weaknesses: -Strong moral code -May not always see the obvious solution in front of him. -Cannot handle certain kinds of pressure, such as when other people's lives rely on him -Used to working with small groups, and may find friction in larger organizations. -May flip-flop unreliably between trying to descalate things, and further escalating things himself -May have trouble de-escalating situations when the only solution violates his self imposed moral code -Survivor's Guilt Character Backstory: I tend to prefer keeping things like this secret, so I'll gladly skim through his basic life story and "how he got here" but I'd ask that the really specific things a GM or EC would want to know, and important character defining moments, such as traumatic experiences be kept private; I rather have other characters to actually interact with the character to learn a backstory. If you're not okay with this, just tell me in the comments and I'll update the backstory with the finer details. -Canadian born and bred, born September 28th 1987 -Raised in smalltown rural Ontario -Grew up a rural redneck's boy, often turning a blind eye to what was happening to his First Nation's and immigrant neigbors, only helping when it affected someone close to him. -Moved three times throughout his developmental years. -Once into rural Ontario, from the capital city -Once from small town to small town in the same county -Once into a small city with a population of 50k, including surrounding villages and localized housing districts. -Graduated highschool in 2005 -Worked various small jobs such as kitchens, storefronts, and the like. -Graduated university in 2009, Baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University -Entry level position as a general engineer for the City of Ottawa -Dissastisfaction with job resulted in a desire for career change. -Graduation from the Ontario Police College in 2011, obtaining a job with the Ontario Provincial Police. -Five years of more or less uneventful service, eventually being promoted to Sergeant. -Outbreak begins mere weeks after promotion -Escaped city of Cornwall with small group of survivors, traveling with them for at least two years. -Eventually made the decision to cross over the border, hoping to find larger groups of survivors in the more densely populated, and armed, United States. Afterword The general intention for this character, is to effectively import a version of a character I previously had in a community called FrundTech. A police officer who'd made a grave mistake resulting in many deaths, had a knack for crafting, and struggled with a rigid moral code. As mentioned in the equipment section, I don't particularily care what sort of equipment I get if even any, although if crafting toolkits are a thing that'd be neat. I beleive both Legion and Alpha can vouch for my penchant to prefer passiveRP and crafting, as opposed to run and gun. Though in this case I plan to return to the character's roots as being a sort of fighter-trader. In the old FrundTech communities, I almost always opted to create trade empires out of scavenging groups, even moving on to just do trade, crafting, and passive criminalRP on things like Cyberpunk, Metro, and Fallout. I've played such communities as LemonPunch, Nebulous, AfterFlash, Atlas-5, Legacy Gaming, Reeplex/Fusion Networks, and so on.