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  1. penis music INDEED
  2. lets compromise you password lock it within the archives its not deleted, and danker can ignore it
  3. grant the man his dying wish. in death he has a name his name was mr polonius HIS NAME WAS MR POLONIUS HIS NAME WAS MR POLONIUS
  4. there is DEMAND in my AREA apparently
  5. gimme that sweet sweet pre-outbreak rp pls
  6. this thread is from december 2018
  7. hi how's it going i know the first three numbers, and i happen to be in your area but really tho hi all the people i dont recognise (f2 me please) i'm macho and wassup all the people i do know
  8. Steam Name: why you wanna know my name? You a cop?! Steam ID: xX42069222Xx Steam Profile Link: profile Rp Experience: i'm an OG son How did you stumble upon our server?: OUT OF A NEED FOR SOMETHIN STRONGER Character Name: Methrrey McMetherson Character Sex: Male Character Age: 22 Occupation (Current or Before): being a real ass dude Character Equipment: I A M T H E E Q U I P M E N T Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): chaotic evil Strengths: getting you fucked up, killing your friends and family Weaknesses: WHEN YOURE HIGH YOYU WILL HAVE NO WEAKNESSES Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!): i think this photo will speak for itself of my story. im a meth pipe with a mind of its own son just sit down and take a hit, itll make everything much better.
  9. should be the main character of the rp honestly
  10. The es├ęs: Nos vemos alrededor de amigos. maybe holmes