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  1. Richard

    Don Yen

    _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Name: Don Yen Nicknames: Charles, Gook, "That creepy fucker in the trees" Sex: Male Race: Chinese, Second Generation Age: 29 Height: 5'11 Hair color: Jet Black Eye Color: Brown Place of Birth: Oregon, Wasco County Occupation(s): "Ancient Chinese secret" _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Relations Ally - Trusts - Indifferent - Suspicious - The List Ask to be added The Japanese Woman - "A peculiar person to be sure, a bit gung-ho with her words, however she seems to have a strong resolve. Being a military type individual, they no doubt know how to survive in this harsh enviornment."
  2. Hey hickok45 here, got a good ol' gun for you today.
  3. too lazy to rescale everything tbh. Specially since the head has so many parts.
  4. _____________________________ Name: Harold Bronson Age: 58 State of orgin: California Height: 6'0 Details: Large, overweight, and very attractive Professions: Biker, mechanic, gigolo _____________________________ Relations Ask to be added Enemy - Hated - Disliked - Neutral - Friend - Ally - Family _____________________________
  5. These are great man. You got a real knack for drawing.
  6. Very super cool. Btw I think it's really cool of you guys that you've been working day in and day out to get the server up and running again. Keep up the good work, fellas.