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  1. In regards to my realism bit, your attitude around medical RP mirrors my own feelings and approach to things like gun and military realism RP, where I don't super care for it, but recognize the enjoyment of others in it. I'm really just talking about specifics in those areas, where something might be brought into question of like "That caliber wouldn't be able to do that" or "That's not standard military procedure", things like that. Again I don't want to hand wave just anything, in fact I think most things should adhere to realistic standards, but for instance if somebody wants to shoot a regular shitty door's lock out, maybe certain guns couldn't technically do that, but if it's not absurd to allow that to happen. Minor things like that, again, not trying to be like "Actaully I shût the Tank with my .22 rifel and it exblodes", or even more mild examples, but with minor things that might otherwise impede RP. In general that's not been a huge problem with this group, it's just something I wanted to bring up. Again though, that's just my opinion and attitude, I understand a lot of RPers enjoy getting in depth with that kind of stuff. I've never had a huge problem with how loot has been handled, though perhaps having certain characters that are occasionally played by the admin team that act as traders could help with doling out some things? Say there's a character Mike that usually goes on runs so he's only in with the group once or twice a week with his findings, that kind of thing. In the past I've really more seen the NPCs as set dressing, or a deterrence from certain parts of the map that shouldn't be explored yet, that kind of thing. I didn't have a huge problem with how they were handled before, though newer/better versions are always cool. Perhaps literally blocking off parts of the map so that NPCs couldn't get to the usual RP area but players could get to their area would be good, players would either risk themselves trying to get to that area, or make teams to go to those areas and get some heightened passive RP. I dunno though, as has been said, NPCs are tricky.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Permakilling I think is generally fine, as long as the object is never specifically TO kill characters. Situations should be set up with danger and then the players should react to that danger, either smartly or dumbly. That danger should feel dangerous, and learning that I think is a good thing. That being said, some grace on that is nice at times, for instance, if somebody's just walking around the map and stumbles into a mini event, or if something's being done as a kind of side event thing, and a character that that person is really attached to dies, the option to NLR isn't a bad one, though like most things it's a case by case deal. All that being said, I WILL be EXCLUSIVELY RPing as Steve Harvey in this iteration I'm VERY sorry to say, NO ONE is happy about this LEAST of all me.
  2. Nah but restarting all new sounds like a real good idea. Using a pandemic as the starting point sounds like a good idea, but using COVID-19 specifically would be kinda weird and a lil tasteless. Pre-Outbreak I think would be very nice, especially if we were using a pandemic as a base, as you could gradually introduce laws and lockdowns, which would be fun to RP as the characters, in addition to the obvious benefit of creating some character connections from the start. That being said, I would actually prefer a little less reliance on realism? Not like, flying cars or water to wine or anything, we'd definitely wanna stay within reason, but getting into the really nitty-gritty of what is entirely realistic I feel can really slow down RP. Giving some leeway, again within reason, I feel would, hopefully, lead to smoother, more fun interactions, and could also just lead to some cool cinematic stories. I do understand however that some of the enjoyment comes from that realistic element, so how much leeway to give on any given situation would be a question. I would also agree with Zero's idea of bringing in the L4D type zombies again, obviously not as the standard, but mutant zeds add a nice variety and mixes up gameplay and roleplay. But yeah, I'd love to RP with this community again!
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  4. I'm always looking for cellphones and hard-drives. If you find any computers out and about, take out their hard-drives and I'll go through the data! In return, you can get a physical copy of something I've got access too, so a CD/DVD of a movie or music, or a print of a document or a picture! ~ Foggy-Leghorn
  5. What's up gamers This is the board where you're allowed to shitpost and chat Rules 1. No images can be attached to this board, fuck you 2. This is still administrated, so anything deemed uncool will be removed, fuck you 3. Try and keep it light, let's not get angry here, thank you 4. This is not an emergency channel, use the radio for that, fuck you ~ Foggy-Leghorn
  6. This is the section of the network that we're gonna use for trading and requests, i.e. If you have something you no longer need, are in need of something, have an excess of something, or are willing to trade a good or service, make a post here! Basic rules: 1. Business Only, no casual posting in this thread 2. No Swindling, admins have full reign to define what that means 3. No Sex Work, you do that on your own time, not on here ~ Foggy-Leghorn
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