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  1. Owen Amendola radios in "Go around the front... It's clear..." Jacob Miller radios in "D-dont go to the front yet" Backston Dewar radios in "Okay well." Backston Dewar radios in "I just looked at the front, and that is anything but clear." Backston Dewar radios in "So you're a bit of a faggot, I'm not gonna lie."
  2. Date of Incident: December 27th, 2020 Time of Incident: 23:26~ Incident Title: Physical Dispute between Udesky Clan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Friday, December 27th of 2018 at approximately 2326 hours, I, Security Officer Kreg Luther, came across a physical dispute between Jamie Udesky and Jason Udesky inside of the living room of the bunker. Upon arrival, I also found Benjamin Winters, John McTavin, and Owen (Unknown last name) occupying the surrounding space. I immediately made my presence known (for what little it was worth) and ordered both Udesky boys to split up. Both pushed one another before Mr. McTavin placed himself between both individuals. It was then that Ana Isana made her way into the room and both her and Jason Udesky began shit talking one another. As Jason was turned around, Jamie came behind Jason and punched Jason in the head, knocking him out and to the ground. I immediately tended to Jason and Ms. Isana ran off and informed Rikki Williams of the situation. Ms. Williams arrived shortly thereafter and began tending to Jason as I placed a bandage over the laceration on his head. Mr. Udesky was taken to the clinic for further treatment by Ms. Williams, Mr. Winters and I. He was diagnosed with a mild concussion by Ms. Williams and is currently being held at the Clinic. No further information is available at this time.
  3. Stuff will be edited when I get back on computer. Things will be added soon
  4. That’s one +yeet from me.
  5. what does nigel even look like. no one remembers.
  6. Wow dude. Nice that you picked up on the joke. No need to be serious.