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  1. Could we be informed of when a good time to apply for characters would be?
  2. No, suck my horse cock you flamboyant sexy femboy
  3. Would be a nice treat for PAC users
  4. I think medical RP and general player health RP are very hard to do in terms of realism. We have to slightly use the suspension of disbelief method when it comes to medical RP and health RP. For instance, a player will be shot in the stomach, and you could rp removing the bullet and cleaning the wound as well as stitching it back up, in the real world though, we are all aware of how this would end. The person would likely need a critical surgery before they die of acute bleeding. In RP players are made of flesh and bone, and that kind of how I have always seen it, getting shot in the lungs or liver has never been an issue before on any RP server I've been on, just the same as any other bullet wound. And there is nothing wrong with that, I'm sure that every player would agree that it just makes RP easier. Perhaps in some instances people have surgery done but no where near the rate it should happen. Ejflorky makes a very valid and clear point with the whole Military/Gun RP deal. I often see people in RP try their hardest to win fights using outside knowledge about bullet velocity, penetration and damage to win fights, I've even seen people literally pull up articles mid fight so they could have the upper hand and in my opinion, this kind of RP can get really fucking annoying, fast. Thats why I think it would be a wise decision for the admin team to decide such things. I propose we make a system surrounding bullets and their damage to armor, tissue and objects, for instance. Lets say a player has gotten himself a nice set of police body armor, this armor is usually rated around class IIA I believe, correct me if I'm wrong. This armor class is built to take on the most common hand gun round such as 9MM, .40 S&W, 45 etc. Now if a player with this armor gets shot by one of those rounds he or she is fine, aside from a hairline fracture or bruised bone they are fine. Now lets say a slug is fired at this mans chest from a shotgun, I think all of us could agree that it is a fatal wound. A system like this could help make things easier when it came to player v player gun fights I believe, as well as making a good baseline for what can and can't kill you. Another thing I would like to comment on, and I'd REALLY REALLY like to get some opinions on this is how players obtain PAC gear. Listen, Pac3 is an amazing tool that players can do anything with and I've seen amazing things come from it. I'm pretty sure many of us re-call a certain man in knight armor from a long time ago. But one issue that I see all of the time is players just randomly putting vests, helmets or gas masks on their character for the sake of having a leg up in a gunfight. This is something even I've been guilty of in the past and I think a very hard restriction should be put in place on how players obtain gear through PAC. Things like ski-masks, hats or even mundane items such as bicycle helmets or football gear possibly could get the pass but pieces of gear that can decide between a living and dying player, such as ballistic helmets, riot gear or bulletproof vests should be handed out very gently. Of course players will work around this by crafting armor but magazines and scrap metal can only do so much. I'd like to get some further opinions on this if any one thinks differently.
  5. 1. Perma killing. Oh boy Perma killing. I think it's a must and something that the players should be constantly reminded of. Similar to death in real life It's something a player should never ever want their characters to get caught up in. One big lesson players need to learn is that losing characters is part of good RP, that the whole point of a character, to experiment with it and do something out of the norm, when I lose a character now I see it as a great opportunity to tackle something new and exciting, of course I wasn't always like this but as I have grown and matured in RP I came to be comfortable with losing characters. The specific example you bring up is something I wouldn't dwell on, players like that need to be weeded out as they more than likely are here to just power game. Those are the kind of players that run around and get kitted then never leave the "Safe Zone" ever again. Bottom line is I think Permakills should be handled the way they always have been. If a player is doing something fucking stupid for example the reason provided above and has been given warnings (personally I'd argue that you shouldn't need to be warned) then that player should be dealt with accordingly. The setting we are going for doesn't really make room for mistakes to be made as that is how people generally tend to survive disasters, they'll get lucky or they will play smart and not fuck up 2. Oh the good ol' script pixels that we players yearn for oh so dearly. Yes it's true and it happens often. When the server reaches 0 or 2 it's very easy for a newbie or even veteran to just jump around and look for items I'm even willing to admit to being guilty of this. There is no work around for this unless the admin team is willing to delete everything when they get off which can just be, tedious. The whole loot balance and player interest is a very tough issue to tackle, because not only are you dealing with what you want but with what the other 100+ players who will join your server want as well. Simply put, I think one really good way to counter this is starting the server in a heavily gun controlled area, last time we did Texas so it made sense for their to be guns just up and about everywhere, hell I'm even pretty sure some players had a gun before the outbreak occurred which I find to be extremely rare. I wouldn't say that we have been too strict when it comes to loot at all actually, I think this is one of the few servers that actually handles there loot really well, for instance, I recall one time I was looting this apartment complex and I wasn't really finding jack shit but there was a gun in a trash bin outside of the building and because I thought smart and decided to check that spot I was rewarded. Maybe we shouldn't PK people off the bat for solo looting but lead up to a PK if that makes any sense? Let me try and draw out my idea here. So for instance lets say there has been a player who keeps running out alone into the city and getting loot, and he keeps doing this. The admins could take note of this and maybe next time he is out looting he encounters a zombie, and then after that he encounters a robber and than after that he gets PKed. I think we should be doing things that force the community to loot together instead of alone as it makes for great character interaction and great RP, perhaps try and seek out and harm the players that loot alone instead in groups, that's how it would happen in real life any how.
  6. This Veteran Agrees! I don't think that it's too intensive or anything at all just slightly, cliche? I've been a long running member and I'm happy to see us start up again but why has it always been the quota for us to do the bare bones Romero zombies? I don't think that we should stray away from the pre to post apocalyptic scene but why not officially enhance it? A lot of us know we had stricken gold back when we were all mere memebrs of L4DRP, so why not add some pizzazz? Perhaps we use zombies from killing floor and instead of a virus a corporate machine pumps out these creatures to dominate the U.S? I'm not trying to boss any one around and I'd hate for some one to feel like that, but what we usually do needs to have some spice added to it, the recipe is old and dusty. As for the second question I 100% support and think we should start Pre-Outbreak. Not only does this add great character development but it adds a lot of time for players to get to know one another and get use to how Zero Hour Roleplay is handled, furthermore it feels nice to have official ground zero characters in the server and part of the lore, it adds a lot of sense to the whole "Veteran Survivors" that you see from time to time. All in all if it came down a vote I would be 100% behind the idea of Pre-Outbreak. I think we should start again, base line. Whole new lore and a whole new idea to tackle, no plugging old characters in too. An entirely new universe if you will. I think that the realism should remain at 100% (As realistic as you can make a zombie outbreak), that is the way we have always done it and I wouldn't really see any reason to deviate from that norm. I'm up for anything new though! I really do like this group!
  7. I would much rather you Lawful Evil because those characters are amazing and can be major assets to a groups moral and decision. Regardless though +Support
  8. I don't understand any of you. -M.W
  9. Yeah I feel the same way, wouldn't it be more authentic if we started on the same map in different locations prior to us meeting? ( I feel like this should be in another forum. )