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  1. penis music near you.
  2. pre-outbreak for a few days would be nice but let's not have a repeat of when we did it for like weeks current situation is fine honestly, it's not that bad imo
  3. very nice, but people can just compress textures so others don't crash
  4. really, really groovy. i liked it a lot, probably more than a few songs i've found this week, to be honest. simple, artsy and uppity in a slight fashion. pop?
  5. i liked it, pretty simple and easy to soothe into, the aesthetic reminds me of an old video which is good [FOLK]
  6. bit weird i'll think about it it's just country
  7. "I don't think we're supposed to be fuckin' with these guys." [Basic Information]Name: Ricky Monteña--Nickname/s: Biker, Golden-boyAge: 24Place of Birth: Stockton, California--Current Residence: N/ANationality: American--Ethnicity: Latin-American--Spoken Languages: English, SpanishOccupation: N/A; Patched Member of the Hell's Angels--Previous Occupations: Mechanic's Assistant--Education: Mechanical Engineering Bachelors at Stockton University--Relationship Status: N/A[Relationships](Ask to be added!) - Backston Dewar - [Neutral] - "This is some big hoss around the camp? I don't know, and frankly I don't really think I'll ever know given the circumstances." - Jason Udesky - [Neutral] - "Some guy I met, don't know him too well other than his counterpart, Jamie." - Jamie Udesky - [Liked] - "He helped me out with those two wicked fuckin' women, fuckin' nobody believed me anyways." - Katia Patterson - [Liked] - "One of the first ones who warmed up to my sense of humor, gave me a sick fuckin' lighter, too - somos Angeles, siempre." - Rikki Willaims - [Liked] - "Talked to her only a few times but she's goofy, I like that - I guess? I've got some medical shit to give her anyways." - Jacob Miller? - [Neutral] - "He's the one in the trees, isn't he?"