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Found 2 results

  1. Printed Name: Wilson Farse Images Please attach one or more photographs of yourself Age: 23 | Body Type: Mesomorph☒ Ectomorph☐ Endomorph☐ |Height:6' 3" | Weight: 189 lbs Sex: M☒ F☐ | Hair Color: Bld☐ Brw☒ Blk☐ Red☐ Oth☐ | Eye Color: Bl☐ Br☐ Gra☐ Gre☒ H☐ Sexual Orientation: He☒ Ho☐ Bi☐ Oth☐ | Employed? Y☒ N☐ | Occupation(if applicable): Electrician Audio Resources If able, please attach a vocal recording and/or a song/music you feel closely related to Vocal Recording - Phone recording I was able to find | Music or Song - Master Pretender by First Aid Kit Psychological Profile Strengths and Weaknesses List anything you deem to be a personal strength or weakness, physical, mental, or social Strengths: Math and Science fluent, engineering mindset, good work ethic, likes working with hands Weaknesses: Shy, technologically challenged, stubborn, sheltered Likes and Dislikes These can be people, traits, items, cultures, ideas, anything you like or dislike Likes: Compassion, intelligence, Mexican food, Italian food, kids, TV, ancient cultures, bourbon Dislikes: Selfishness, vanity, racists and nazis, crowds, concerts, Irish food vodka Personal Relations/Next of Kin Feel free to add notes and descriptions of listed persons Signature- Let ya boi know if you want added or somethin'
  2. Ethan Fogg More pics Sex: Male ⧱ Age: 29 ⧱ Height: 6'2" ⧱ Weight: 201 lbs. ⧱ Hair Color: Black ⧱ Eye Color: Hazel Body Type: Endomorph ⧰ Former Occupation: On-Call IT ⧰ Theme: Christmas Lights by Coldplay ⍰ Status: Physically and Mentally Stable ⛾ ⬢ Likes ⬢ ⬡ Dislikes ⬡ ⬢ Astronomy ⬢ ⬡ Ayn Rand(see selfishness) ⬡ ⬡ Crowds ⬡ ⬡ Gin ⬡ ⬢ Ginger-Ale ⬢ ⬢ Humanitarianism ⬢ ⬡ Plague Doctors ⬡ ⬢ Redheads ⬢ ⬡ Selfishness(see Ayn Rand) ⬡ ⬡ Torture ⬡ ⬢ Transcendentalism ⬢ ⦓Relationships⦔ ⨻Care For⨹Like⨹Unopinionated⨺Dislike⨺Vilify⨻ ✪ Survivors ✪ ⚘ Hannah Farr - Hannah's been strong these last few years. For a while, I wasn't sure she was going to come back around, didn't know if I was, but I think we've both been able to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. I trust her with everything I've got, and I hope she feels the same. ♪ Renee Ford - Since Terry died, I've tried to keep my distance. I don't know if that helps or hurts her, but I like to think it helps. We've chatted some, been on some missions. I'm sure we're still friends, but, who knows what's going on anymore. ⎈ Jayesh Sanghrajka - I'm glad Jay's shouldered the burden of being the head of the group. I know he still respects my opinion, and I respect him. I'm sure he's having difficulties, but it's not as if he couldn't tell me about them if he wanted. We're both busy men, and that's that. ⛨ Natasha Kunsagasi - Nat's been her usual self, which is by no means a bad thing. We can still grab a drink every now and then, and I'd still trust her to watch my back more than I'd trust myself to watch it. She's an invaluable asset, and a good friend. ࿅ Mayu - Girl has grown up some. Still a youngin, and still all of our responsibilities, but I certainly don't mind it. She's nice to have around, even if only in the aspect of her being a child in all of this. ⌬ Doctor Saraphina Annabelle Krieger - I'm glad the Doc has stuck with us. She's still quiet and aloof, but not in a particularly bad way, if that makes any sense. Having her around makes me feel better, though about what, I don't know. ♚ Kreg Luther - I'm surprised he stuck with us after Nat dumped him, but I'm glad none the less. We were able to bond a bit over that, and it's never a bad thing to have another strong set of hands around. ☤ Rikki Miller - Rikki's been through some rough stuff since we picked her up. I'm glad she's still with us, since I don't think any of us have actual medical expertise, and the fact she's nice a nice person. 🌬 Bosco - He's become a nice constant to the group. Having someone that knows what they're doing, but isn't trying to tell everyone else what to do is really, really nice. Not that I would particularly object to him being in charge, he's just not the sort to want it. ⛿ Sarohildi - She's stuck with the group, which is nice to see. I'm not fond of some of her innate desires, but I do recognize they can be useful. ✞ Dead ✞ Matthew Polonius - Mr. Polonius was my downstairs neighbor. An old man, living alone. Been years since he passed now, but I still miss him every day. Dot Hayes - I wonder what you would've made of this place, Dot. It'd probably be a palace by now, heh. Terrence Ruggles - I don't think we got along very well, when we interacted at all. I didn't wish death on you though, not genuinely anyway. Nyla Naomi - You deserved more time. Most do, but you certainly did. I'll occasionally remember you and smile. I hope you're at peace. Devi Sanghrajka - Jay seems to have moved on, and in the end you died doing what you loved, bad as the rest of us would call it. Noah "Zero" Brooks - Part of me still blames myself for not being there to talk you down. I'm sorry you died so young, Noah. Rest in Peace. Clinton Gully - You've been dead far, far longer than I ever knew you; makes me wonder if my feelings of loss are genuine or misguided. I'm not sure, but I do know I haven't forgotten you. Barnaby Rutherford - I suppose you did get the last laugh, scarring me like you did. But hey, I'm still here, and you're not. ⥢ Killed ⥤ Marcus Cash - Been a good while since that ordeal went down. Sorry it went like it did, but I thank you for helping me live, as messed up as it was. Jeff Gallagher - First man I killed, way back in Chicago. Glad we were on good terms. Nazis - Surprising that I've killed more than one, but not a bad thing. Some of the only folk I don't feel a bit guilty about offing. Others - I never thought I'd kill enough people that I couldn't remember them all. It's a frightening thing in all honesty. Not that you care, you're dead. If you want added, let me know and I'll ignore you