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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Jessica Ann Putnam[/align] [align=center]A.K.A Jessi or Red[/align] [align=center]Age: 27[/align] [align=center]Place of Birth: Lecompton, Kansas[/align] [align=center]Ethnicity: Scottish, English, French-Canadian, American[/align] [align=center]Eye Colour: Blue[/align] [align=center]Hair Colour: Red[/align] [align=center]Other Features: She has a fair amount of freckles below her eyes and on her cheeks[/align] [align=center]Skills[/align] [align=center]Military Training: Her skills with guns have carried over from her time in the military. She has superb aim and can keep them clean and in working order. However, she's not a gunsmith, if it full on breaks she can't fix a firearm.[/align] [align=center]Artistry: She's no Davinci, but she can draw or paint a picture that looks almost like real life.[/align] [align=center]Some of her sketches since the outbreak[/align] [align=center][spoil][/spoil][/align] [align=center]Relationships[/align] [align=center]LoveGood FriendFriendUnsureDislikeHate[/align] [align=center]Relationships will be added as they are developed[/align]
  2. tfw your character's been a thing for an entire day and they don't have a full ass relationship list. Get on the ball my dude.
  3. Yeah of course, I was just trying to think of an interesting story for her. It's no problem at all for her to have just been in the camp. And I will NOT try and determine how Kansas was before the infection I promise, I'm fully aware that I can not do that. Thank you for the "good with it"!
  4. Steam Name: Herb Runner Steam ID: TheConcote Rp Experience: Five Years, grizzled veteran style How did you stumble upon our server?: Recommended by a friend Other Characters: Annabelle Clyde, Maevan Crow Character Name: Jessica Putnam Character Sex: Female Character Age: 27 Occupation (Current or Before): Snowplow driver, street sweeper, garbage collector Character Equipment: Colt 1911, thirty .45 ACP rounds (or however many you guys deem alright) and (if it's okay) a random lightly broken assault rifle with 23 rounds in it's type Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): Chaotic Neutral Strengths: Confident, Clever Weaknesses: Doesn't think ahead, unsure of herself Character Backstory: From an early age, her parents had pushed her to join the military. They had even tried to "train" her for it in the house. Eight o' clock sharp curfews, severe lack of relationships (even friendships) and even going as far to implement a workout regiment in her teenage years. She fulfilled their wishes all the way to joining the Army. But those years of saying and doing nothing against a life she hated took its toll on her in the armed forces. She only just managed to pass boot camp, she was almost kicked out for gambling with a couple of the girls in her quarters. Once she actually made it through she kept it under control. But more problems became apparent when she was deployed. She showed a blatant lack of awareness in firefights, often putting her squadmates in danger because of the combatants she missed in her lane. This, combined with her lack of forward thinking in similar situations, caused her to receive a Discharge Under Other than Honorable Conditions. She returned to the civilian workforce under a government paycheck, doing jobs like plowing streets driving the garbage trucks around. And while it was good money with good benefits she was dreadfully bored with it. She went to clubs late at night, gambled with her friends when she could and even got into a few fights here and there. So while she wasn't necessarily thrilled with her life, and it wasn't the healthiest style of living, she was getting by. Until of course, this all went down. She was on the job when it went down, driving the garbage truck. One of the guys hanging off of the back was taken out, followed by the other one screaming. She stopped the truck, thinking the man just fell off and needed help, but once the other one was grabbed off of the back she put her foot right back on the pedal. The first place she went was home. She got changed, packed some essentials, grabbed her pistol and some rounds and whistled for her dog. Her German Shephard, Lutha, come bounding out of her bedroom with obvious worry and followed her out the door and into the truck. She took the truck all the way to Kansas City hoping to find some kind of evacuation. She got lucky, the military was still holding their ground. They brought her into the camp and put a rifle in her hands because of her military background. She was placed on the last line of defense, right on the camp's walls, so she had a front row seat for when they broke through. The screaming came first, you could hear it for miles, the soldiers were somehow taken by surprise. The gunfire came second, but it was short-lived and sporadic. And when the hordes finally showed themselves... it was pure panic. No one on the walls was prepared for it. The gruesome horror and pure unfettered hunger that they possessed was too much for most. She fired off a few shots, took a couple out, but once the rest of them folded she joined in the retreat. Sadly, since she was on the wall, she was at the back of the pack when it came to running. She was left behind in the mad dash for the exit. No cars were left, no weapons but the ones she already had, and no supplies but the ones in her pack. Her only friend left was Lutha, and so they ran from the pack together. They survived for a few weeks without a problem, sticking to the outskirts and such, but they ran into trouble when supplies ran low. They still had no vehicle, so moving to the next spot wasn't an option, the only avenue open was to brave the city. Getting in was easy, she managed to pocket enough food and water to last for a couple of weeks, but when she went to leave she discovered the hordes had closed her in. A few had even moved into her building. It was going well, but they got too close, and Lutha began to growl. She tried to quiet him down, but he wasn't having it. He leaped out of cover and attacked the infected, wrapping his maw around one of their legs. They converged on him within seconds... tore him to shreds. But while they attacked him, amidst heavy tears, Jessica was able to get away. She left after that, opting to use the supplies she gathered on the road rather than the camp she'd set up. Up until this point, she's just been wandering on her own, looking for more survivors.
  5. Oh yeah I added Katia, forgot to mention.
  6. Yo, got a deal for you. You add Annabelle and I'll add Katia.
  7. Alright, I finally add some people, made a couple of edits.
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  9. May ma girl Annie get in there?
  10. Mate... mate what's this "no" shit. Is Frankie too afraid of his FEELINGS?