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  1. Steam Name: Sountrex Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:121532275 Steam Profile Link: Rp Experience: I have about 1 and a half years of experience on discord RP and other than that about 3-4 months of Half-life 2 Roleplay including what few days i played on here before i left abruptly How did you stumble upon our server?: Well Just as before the HL-2 server i was playing on absolutely fell in RP quality and standards so considering the positive rp i have had on this server previously (despite me doing a bad thing on the forums) I'm willing to make an actual character bio and explanation about my character. Character Name: John Kennedy Myers Character Sex: Male Character Age: 22 Previous Major Occupation(s): Tailor for quite a long time, Worked as an excercise tutor as well. Character Equipment: Sewing equipment (Which is a thread and a bunch of other stuff used for sewing) along with a makeshift mask to cover his face with basic armor that barely even protects from knife attacks. Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): Chaotic Neutral Strengths: Tailoring (Able to craft and sew and repair kevlar armors along with other things.) Has an agile body due to the hobby he has had in the past of parkouring which also helped him survive for this long. Weaknesses: Has major Trust issues even if he doesn't show it. Has hard times to attach to anyone emotionally. Seems constantly tired mentally and emotionally. Constantly doubtful of his actions Character Backstory a.k.a. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!): John's origins are unknown even to those close to him. This peculiar individual was met with the same fate everyone else has endured through the end of the human populous. He started off as a simple tailor before the outbreak making good money as well as having a side job as a fitness instructor due to his desire to be agile and fast and keep his body in shape. When the outbreak first broke out he used the rooftops to his advantage and being in a small town like he was the rooftops made his escape easier seeing how the life he knew before crumbled around him including that of all of his loved ones dying. He used the moment of chaos and distraction by the zombies that were feasting on the what left of the city to make his escape swiftly running into non-populated areas. There he lived for most of his time hunting or fishing for whatever food was left that was not corrupted or changed by the virus. With what few resources he had grabbed from home he was able to sustain the bare minimum for maintaining his life in the woods by making makeshift water supplies using the rain as an opportinty as well as boiling water and filtering it using primal methods. Following the story of John his small humble abode was found out by a group of survivors. He was recruited into their ranks for the promise of being taught how to use firearms to protect himself and others from the zombified humans. Little did he know however is that the group of survivors were crazed lunatics leading to believe that they need to make a sacrifice to some greater being and with all of what he saw after they attacked an actual survivor camp his eyes widened. Lost for words as the lunatics slaughtered and shot every person inside letting the zombies finish off those who were even still alive. He looked down at the simple pistol given to him along with the knife and simple vest and gas mask he threw it away in his crazed fit of rage and hatred of being played like a puppet on strings, taking out a knife they had previously given him as gear he indulged in his blood thirst killing one of the members with a well placed stab in the neck ripping out the man's adam apple only to get shot in the left shoulder by the lunatics wielding a M1911 as they laughed while the dead began feasting on their flesh. John had to make a swift escape nearly breaking his shoulder in an attempt to climb up the buildings and over the walls falling on top of a shambler infected managing to escape without a scratch from the slow and unresponsive zombie. After managing to escape to a nearby cave he quickly scouted it out with his hand on his shoulder to stop the bleeding of the gunshot would. The bullet deep into his shoulder and with his mental state deteriorating ever so hastely he dug into his wound with the thread he uses to sew things with painfully ripping the bullet out of his shoulder leading him to nearly losing the feeling on his left shoulder. He tore off bits of his clothes and bandaged the wound the best he could with his pretty non-existant medical skills just to get him through this hoping to not bleed out. A few days after regaining his strength with his wound not being treated it was a miracle he had survived for this long. He found a lone and shy woman to help him with his wound in exchange for food and water that he had on him. After receiving the treatment he needed he was sent off on his way now with his gear and Tailoring equipment pretty busted up he arrived in the gates of this promised haven he had heard previously. Hoping that this time there could be hope without betrayal... or distrust...
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