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Jacob's Staff App

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1) Steam Name & SteamID: Jacob, STEAM_1:1:104907019

2) IC character(s) you use currently. Jacob 'Dice' McDonald

3) Amount of collective RP experience & where, as well as any particular respected positions (A captain, an officer, etc.)

Varsity Gaming/Oblivion Networks Military RP: When these guys we're still around, I used to be a 2nd LT on the server, and had to organize quite a lot.

4) Any admin experience on prior servers; what kind of RP and what server

Varsity Gaming Military RP: Admin

Varsity Gaming Zombie RP: Admin

Revival Servers Military RP: Moderator

5) Why you want to become an admin for us

The main reason for me wishing to become Admin is to do what I can to make the server fun and enjoyable in the times where some Admins are unavailable or understaffed.

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They are a neato burrito

The most of what anyone can hope for someone who is invested in the server and want to help. Plus he is a pretty chill dude which is a massive plus, so I am interested to see how this will work out.

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