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Steam Name: Meme 'O' hOlic

Steam ID: 76561198167805732

Steam Profile Link:


Rp Experience: Legacy Networks Metro RP, CruxNet Umbrella Corp RP, Taco and Banana Zombie RP Taco and Banana Half Life 2 RP, and much more. 

How did you stumble upon our server?: My friend Jacob recommended me to the server. We play lots of RP servers together, so he wanted me to join.


Character Name: Matila Ann

Character Sex: Female

Character Age: 28

Previous Major Occupation(s): Biology Student (Bachelors), FBI Special Agent (Undercover)

Character Equipment: N/A

Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): Chaotic Good

Skills: Basic Surgery, Emergency Medical Knowledge, Basic Hand to Hand Combat and Firearms Knowledge.

Strengths: Cunning, Manipulative, Persuasive, Confident and Courageous.

Weaknesses: Can't Maintain Friends or Relationships, Too Selfless and Giving, Conflicting Moral Codes.


Character Backstory a.k.a. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!):

Matila Ann was raised in a lower class Catholic Family with very strong moral codes. She never rebelled against her family as child, and even past her teenage years she was known for always being the best daughter in the house. However, she was known to manipulate her family and friends psychologically to do the right thing for her or others, all be it that it never negatively effected them. She would lie to her parents when she was coming home in elementary school, just so she could return cleaned up and with a gift for her family after getting dirty when playing all day. Sometimes she would steal food from their kitchen and give it to some of her poorer friends. She would spread rumors in her high-school cheer leading team, which she was in, just to find out who the rotten apples were and get the team to haze out the toxic people. To her, there were no such thing as rules, but only things that people don't want to know you did, and it was perfectly fine to make sure they didn't find out if it mean't doing to right thing.

After graduating High-school at age 17, she attended College to get her Bachelors degree in Biology, because she wanted to become a Doctor at the time. She considered getting a degree in psychology, but she decided that was boring and would much rather be physically helping people. So, after using accelerated degree programs and going full time in college, she earned her degree in three years at age 20. She then had the choice to go to medical school, but then of course, she changed her mind decided to apply for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent because... "Why not?". That is her personality, whatever she thought would be the right thing to do, she would do, no matter what other people thought of her or what the expectations were.

After being accepted into the FBI and passing her training, she was made a Special Agent. Very Shortly after the start of her new career, the higher ups in the Division she was in quickly noticed how she took advantage of everyone around her, at any given time, just to complete moral or mission objectives. Her fellow agents soon grew to dislike her, because she often lied to them to more effectively reach her own goal. So within only half a year in the FBI, she was made an Undercover FBI Special Agent, so that she would not conflict with her own Agents, and the FBI could use her social talents to gain valuable knowledge. So for 3 years she did exactly that, busting drug deals and human trafficking like a child looking for candy. She was a natural, no one ever suspected her of being heat, and when some were lucky enough, her bullet greeted them instead. From attending orgies in Drugpin mansions, to riding on private jets owned by cartels, and going on cruises with scam artists, she could do everything.

Her job often meant that she had to do bad things to good people, to get rid of bad people. Sometimes she would kidnap and mentally break innocent people who had connections with criminals, just to find out information, although she never used torture. Other times she would be forced to watch a hitman murder a contract because she couldn't expose her cover. Worst of all, she sometimes had to do the criminal activities herself, just to blend in, although she would often be able to get away with not doing such acts. But she could not always come up with believable excuses and convince the criminals, so once in a while she found herself beating children in human trafficking or slitting a snitch's throat. When she wasn't blending in, often she would make friendships or relationships, platonic or sexual, just to get more information for her operation. She would use others who considered her a friend and trusted her, just for them to learn that they were a mission asset, and are tossed aside to never speak again. Although she still retains her emotions somehow, her detachment from them means that emotions do not effect her actions or decisions whatsoever. She didn't just do acts of necessary evil, she lived three years of her life as necessary evil. It should not be surprising to hear that she does not see herself much better than the criminals she locks up.

During one of her more intensive operations with a black market organ harvester and dealer group, she had to actually be one of the Surgeons who extracted the organs from recently killed bodies. The organ harvester she worked with became aware of her biology degree through other criminal contacts, and invited her to join him. So for around half a year she worked at an underground black market surgeon's workspace, assisting him and even doing operations of removing and repairing organs herself. Through this long time of disgusting work, which she hide incredibly well, she learned to very basics of Surgery, along with of course gaining plenty of information of the criminal activity through her partner's profession.

This life of adventure did not come without a cost though. Her family soon became a distant memory as her contact with them faded more and more as she went deeper and deeper undercover, and eventually she couldn't even speak to them ever again at all. Friends became non existent, although they were never common since high school because of the whole manipulation and lying thing. No one could stand to even know her, because they would be used and betrayed sooner or later, all in the name of doing something good in her eyes. While she was saving people's lives, and locking up terrible people, she was constantly breaking other people emotionally and mentally with her manipulation. No one liked her. And she is sure no one ever will.

What happened when she was 23, is history; The outbreak of the Mortem Animam Viventem Virus. She was single, and abandoned her position in the FBI to try and reach contact with her family. She failed to see them again. Ever since, she has been roaming around, making ends meet with whatever comes her way. At 28 years old, who knows what she will find.


(Sorry about placing the app in accepted)

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I have a few concerns, but without planting any subconscious seeds for rp I'm weary about, I'm just going to give you an ACCEPTED and see where it takes us.

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