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Current Backstory/Lore

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In general, as far as OOC goes, anything goes in terms of zombie/undead references. We are keeping an open book to pull from any game, book, movie, or otherwise, so you don't necessarily know what to expect.

As far as IC information goes, the main events occurred around the 15th of July, 2017. It started with casual News reports of a strange discovery of a sickness found in Madagascar, but that was quickly dismissed as something preventable in first world countries. A few days later, news hit the residents of Dallas, Texas, that inhabitants of Mexico were going a little stir crazy -- so much so that the border patrol and any available guard in the area was sent to essentially what was a firing line, shooting at whatever came through, due to the excessive nature of their violent runs through the border. This is of course following reports of many Mexicans getting a form of flu or rabies, acting strangely, and dying off rapidly, effectively spreading like a wildfire.

For people in Dallas, this wasn't the greatest news, but as far as they could tell it was under control. Most things were normal, aside from the occasional rioter due to the news reports and the fact that many of the firearms of the state were delegated and reserved to police force to be used elsewhere. Then, one day mid-afternood, a helicopter went down in Dallas, spreading what appeared to be dozens of running corpses that well should be dead. In the confusion and disarray, a couple thousand Dallas residents were caught out by this initial dozen, and eventually terminated (again) throughout the next day. Following this major outbreak and population drop within the States, FEMA showed up and created a camp for the survivors until they were to be transported to a larger Houston center. Unfortunately, that only lasted two days before it too was overrun by runners coming from the South. Now with no clear direction, the survivors of Dallas headed towards Houston on the last good tip they were armed with.

When they arrived in Houston, there was no active FEMA camp. Houston had clearly seen better days, and was ripe with infected. But they certainly couldn't go backward, and here (for the time being) seemed safer than before...However, after a time was spent here, the survivors quickly found that the subway/train station was clearly in a state of disrepair, and also the source of most of the zombie concerns. Deciding that it was time to change the status of things, a few bold people. acting in two pairs entirely independently, coincidentally worked in tandem with one another to distract droves of undead via car alarms on one side of the city, while the other pair managed to torch the station itself, causing it to burn out for days on end, and largely putting an end to the plaguing undead (in this area). As the days counted on, more peculiar things started occurring with the undead...some people witnessed them climbing up from the water, coated in slime and moving exceedingly slow-- and there was a rarity of seeing one actually stuck to a wall likened to that of spiderman. Having enough of these conflicts, and the area being drained of resources, Backston dictates the group head out towards Oklahoma to find a respite in a relatively secluded area, where there will be few people and therefore, fewer zombies to deal with.

Despite the fact that there were infact fewer zombies, there was more inter-survivor conflicts. Whether it was planned or a random incident, one of the main houses was set alight-- and abruptly extinguished. The group caught who they believed did the act, and was marching her off to the fields to give her the sentence they saw just, but she escaped, and managed to set all of the dying cornfields alight with flame as well. Surrounded by ashes and embers, and with the supplies already running low from not being able to salvage much from this area, the group was forced to move forward. Heading towards Kansas City, they encountered numerous roadblocks, and so they detoured to Lawrence, a not-quite-as-large suburb/city on the outskirts of their true destination. However this place seems very much worse for wear, with evidence of previous occupants that were survivors, but no actual people to speak of. Perhaps whatever occurred here also forced this last group to move...or maybe there are none left...

Spending nearly a month and a half within Kansas City proved to be an experience. Here, the survivors started somewhat of a residence once again, keeping the fundamentals of a community within the confines of the first two sections of a city. People had housing, there were gates and walls, guards posted at entrances, and even entertainment venues such as bars and the start of a farm (with a little pestering from the nearby Paul Guetterman of Guetterman Farms). All in all, everything was seemingly...better...than it was before they came here. of course, there was still the ongoing threat of infected, and the discovery of more than just a couple unique zombies were made, but always seemed to be dealt with one way or another. People got hurt, but casualties were remarkably low... the survivors only seemed to suffer only one death, and so far as the residents know it was due to lone-wandering outside the walls, coming face to face with a large amalgamation of flesh that inhabits a shed on the outskirts of the City. Down one medical professional, but burgeoning ever forward into the next sections of the city, people were met with far more combat than they ever have before, and found out that the most walled off section, perhaps unsurprisingly, was filled shoulder-to-shoulder with zombie civilians and armed forces alike. This put a kink in the plans within Kansas City, and with the recent onset of death and injury, and the brick wall of the sprawling chaos beyond the section three barrier, the council made the decision to move a large majority of the group elsewhere within state to find supplies while they thought of or found a manner to combat these threats.

So the group continued onwards to Hays, Kansas. A small compact city, but one that holds new meaning to those that enter. A couple blocks being made into military housing, it is clear there was a staged assault here at one point or another. But finding no people within the remnants of food and supplies, the group decided to call Hays their "Home away from Home," if only for a week or two. However, the supplies have been stocked, and they do not wish to overstay their now, almost four months into the outbreak, the survivors must decide to venture elsewhere for more supplies, or to return to their upstart community back at Kansas City.



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