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  1. Lately life itself has hit me and I've barely had time to really do any RP on GMod. Plus, well, I kinda fell back in love with HL2RP anyways, so...well, yeah.
  2. +He's a good man. My vision is augmented. I support this.
  3. be quite honest with ya, the whole thing is...well it's not the best, to be blunt. The application itself needs some more refinement as there are a shit ton of grammatical errors here and there. Secondly, we don't really run the (I forgot the name of the fighting system that's been getting popular on GMod here, but I'll just call it 'The DnD system') here, so you'd mostly have to deal with admins supervising you for fights. Thirdly, insta-kill moves aren't my thing, though again you did mean well by trying to balance it with a dodge buff. Finally there's the whole intelligence thing. Granted, yes, there are Zombie Movies that depict intelligent Zombies (see: Day of the Dead), but a talking Zombie doesn't really fit with the setting imo (despite there beijng fucking nightmare barbies running about) All in all, I'm gonna have to give it a -Support
  4. Aye, that's some good info right there, Miles. Keep it up, mate, and hey, keep practicing on that photography of yours. You'd make for a good photographer. -Nigel Sparrow [Admin Edit: This is what Nigel would say if he were ever around to physically write on the board]
  5. What, you'd think I'd remember either? No but he's the fuck with the green eyes, five o' clock shadow, Australian-American, maybe has a scar on the right eyebrow for a bit of that edgy factor, wears shit you'd think a stereotypical bartender would wear, maybe also has a beret he stole from a dead military official because it looked good on him.
  6. Post Nigel Sparrow and his good mate Miles drinking a bottle of rum together. Because fuck it why not idk
  7. Starting new thread in a spot where it makes sense. Response: That's not the situation we want people placed in, and people are still getting better things as it goes on. RPing sniper fire is impossible for people that aren't admins on a large map. Where's the trajectory of the bullet? Sound from where? Also, you can't see PACs in scopes. There's a whole lot of reasons I never explained why it's complicated, but it is. Well now I understand why it would be a bit of an impossibility to RP sniper fire. But when it does come to other weapons, when people obtain AR15's or AK-47's, etc, You won't instantly become like active military. There is the fact that, yeah, you won't know jack shit about the proper firing techniques, not to mention how to properly handle and care for said weapon. Parts and Ammo would indeed be a little harder to find due to the fact that, unless you're in a city that has an active Military Surplus store or two (like, for example, Colorado Springs) finding and maintaining military weapons would be harder than finding and maintaining civilian weapons, especially in certain states in and around the US. I know it sounds a bit like elitism, but there are always way to put some counterbalances to people and factions that start obtaining military gear, such as the increased activity of Infected and 'Special Infected', replacements becoming more and more of a rarity, etc. plus, you will reach a certain point where the civilian lifestyle will end in an apocalypse as time goes on. The Civilian Lifestyle won't really last long if you keep to it during an apocalypse, and if you do choose to stay in said lifestyle, chances are a militarized group of bandits, or another faction, will easily be able to eliminate them. so for TL:DR: I understand that Sniper RP doesn't mean jack shit due to this being GMod and not something like ARMA 3. There are ways to balance finding military gear without saturating the server with them, like increased infected activity and what not. Even then, though, in a more realistic situation you will not survive if you stick to a civilian lifestyle, as other groups will be striving towards obtaining the best gear they can get in order to either keep their shit well-defended, or move on to take other forms of shit. It's fine that you do want to focus on the civi lifestyle, but the way I see it that can only go so far before it either dulls the RP, or it just turns into an unrealistic situation. Personally I loved how the server started out, it felt like exactly what would happen when shit would hit the fan, and the process that goes down soon after. Stuff like that is what attracted me to this RP, and I hope it does stay that way.
  8. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing someone harass people with a rifle. I mean, looking at it this way, people can still have hunting rifles and what not in order to be effective at their shit. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing an antagonist that just sticks to the distance, tries to harass mates with long-ranged shots, and for the most part stays in secluded areas, switching them out day by day. You would have my +support for the rifle idea, despite my ass never really being on as is. Otherwise, it's just a general +support from my end.
  9. You are the exception. Thanks based can of soda.
  10. Will Farse more like He WILL BE A FARCE!!!
  11. MFW I'm the one that questions his leadership
  12. I've known Herb for nearly five years, spent a majority of that time RPing with her and a few old mates. She's a great RPer, and she knows her shit. From experience alone I can tell you that she earns my +Support
  13. No offense mate, but that meme gave me some hard core cancer there. You gotta get the real shit. Like this He uses 2009 memes, top fucking kek. What a fucking [glow=red]NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD[/glow]
  14. No offense mate, but that meme gave me some hard core cancer there. You gotta get the real shit. Like this
  15. postal_ech


    He still knows what up