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Patient Zero's Staff Application

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1) Steam Name & ID

Mvzonik ( I'm gonna drop the link here because it has special characters in it

ID - 76561198070673083

2) IC Characters I currently use.

Miles Winters

Nick Polreich

A zombie.

3) RP Experience.

I've been with this general group for maybe 2-3 years now? It's hard to tell but I've been into Roleplay based around Gmod community servers like Respite, HL2RP, CW:WW3RP ect. I've also been a part of multiple Rp communities based around Project Zomboid and H1Z1 (in it's golden erra if it even had one). Finally I've also been in and still are in many DayZ role play servers such as Prophecy, Red Zone and Quarantined.

4) Any admin experience prior to Zero Hour?

No, this would be my first time retaining any level of power within a community besides "Member"

5) Why would you want to become an admin for us?

I can see myself with a lot of free time in the future and more often than not I was always one of those people that was usually on the server most of the time I could be so I could be a frequent member, not only this but I've been with this same group of people for the past 3 years now and I think we can all agree that we understand what kind of RP we would like to come out of this server. Not only this but many of you would vouch for me as a good Rp'er and some one who likely has a good level of common sense to the point where I could be trusted. I also feel as if I wouldn't be too bad of assistance when it would come down to managing event and helping build up server for the transition when the time would ever come to it. I'm just plugging this app in here though in case my help is ever needed, If you aren't accepting at the moment that's fine with me.

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