Smiles Staff Application

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1) Steam Name & SteamID

Mr.Smiles & STEAM_0:0:4134190

2) IC character(s) you use currently.

Jamie Udesky

3) Amount of collective RP experience & where, as well as any particular respected positions (A captain, an officer, etc.)

(From my rp timeline)
VG Halo RP - Pvt -Cpl

VG Nutscript Military Zombie RP - Pvt - Sgt, (Semi Serious)

VG/BLN Clonewars RP (They re-branded) - 1 Major, 4 commanders, 1 admiral

BLN Nutscript Military Zombie Rp - Captain of Navy Seals.

Zerohour RP Season 1 - Brandon Adelstein (First serious RP)

Zerohour Rp Season 2 - Jamie Udesky

Ark Roleplay - Police Officer, Pvt - Corporal

Half life Roleplay - Civil Protection | Big wise chocolate fellow named Biggs Lee

Nut Script Clone Wars RP - Sergeant

Zerohour Roleplay Season 3 - Jamie Udesky

4) Any admin experience on prior servers; what kind of RP and what server

Wolfgaming Prison Break - Trial Mod - Moderator

VG Roleplay - Military Zombie RP, Clone wars, Halo - Moderator - Admin

BLN Roleplay - Military Zombie RP, Halo, Clone wars, Half life rp - Admin

5) Why you want to become an admin for us

I have been with this community since Season 1, while back then I didn't play that huge of a part community wise during season 1 but I like to think since season 2 I have shown nothing but love and support to this community for all the small and big things it does.

What I hope to gain from being admin is just filling the empty spaces of time we have and to help out where I can. I know I am not the best event maker, mostly because of inexperience. But I would like to fix that and improve on it and show players why I fell in love with the server and the community.

(If you want to ask about anything or want me to go more in depth about something then make sure to let me know)






Or I can just keep doing memes, either way it works out for me bb

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On both notes, memey and serious, you are quite qualified for admin in my opinion.

I have personally seen you work as an admin and admiral on bln roleplay. 

I have also seen you do serious rp on half life rp and on zerohour. 

When I wanted to introduce more people for serious rp, I thought of you and a small handful but you were the first to want to join. I remember the first times we joined together and rped seriously. It's been a longgg time since you have been on and it also seems the admins trust you too.


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Despite our limited interactions, you have came across as someone who is easily approachable and a great person to hold a conversation with. 

You have a decent roleplay ability, and you have been in this community for along time. You also expressed your desire to give a helping hand to this community and personally told me this.

You have conducted yourself well and that has left a good impression on me. I can't speak for anyone else, but I do believe you can hold a role in the administration of this server.



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