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Goodbye Zero Hour

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Today marks a sad day my friends, I will be leaving Zero Hour (and Gmod in general) probably for good. this has NOTHING to do with my enjoyment of this server, I have always loved this server and been grateful for being part of such a great community of fellow roleplayers. The reason I have made the choice to not come back to Zero Hour is because I really just dont have the time in my day to put in enough time for me to really do much on gmod. I hope that some day things will change and I can come join you all again, but if I am being totally honest with you I think It will be unlikely that will happen. I will forever love and remember this server and gmod, but it is my time to move on, goodbye all.

(In rp Abraham Williams left the group and Minnesota for good. There are many rumors about what happened to him and why he left:Some say he was attacked and killed by infected and was never found, some say he was infected and left the group in order not to harm them, and some say he found another group and joined them. the only piece of evidence of what may have happened to him is a piece of paper with the words "Im going to miss you Hon, I wont forget you, and I know you wont forget me" that was placed on his bed. whatever happened to him, you can be assured that his story will live on.) 

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