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Sending for help from the void (Black Screen) FIXED

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The gods are not happy with me, every time I attempt to join a server it will throw me into a black screen where I can do nothing except spam Ctrl Alt Delete and hope I hit sign out. I have tested this on a couple of servers repeatedly today.

I have had this happen to me before in the past but it has been a while at this point and I can't recall.

Any hidden tips just like the 'fixchatplz' command any of you can spare?

-(Update) - In Windowed, it just closes itself with no black screen nor Error Message.

- (U2) - I have removed all Content from the folders and unsubscribed from everything. Then only have this servers content to have it crash on me again. This time I was in full screen, but it did not give me a full black screen.

- (U3) - Was TF2, had to uncheck it from Gmod. Have not tried the addon since removing it did the trick though I downloaded it just for safe keepings.

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