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RP Item for Jamie

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Steam Name: MrSmiles

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4134190

Steam Profile Link:

Rp Experience:

Admin a Half life 2 server for 1-2 months

Serious RPing, since 2017

I used to play roblox rp yo

How did you stumble upon our server?: Spring brought me, I told this before


Character Name: Jamie Udesky

Character Equipment Request: Fishing Pole, (Doesn't have to be a script or a model put in. I have a bad PAC made for it)

OOC reasoning: I see the fish you hide under all the water, and it would seem like a waste with it being Winter fishing season and Trout is already in the food addon and it would be nice to have some different RP's towards getting food rather than hunting big animals and eggs. And I am going to guess that a fishing pole is not a script item.


Character Backstory a.k.a. how did they find this item?: Along the road by the rail and near the statue which faces away from the ruins of the old world stands a old shack by the lake. Like most places it has been flipped upside down for whatever value it was worth. Most people look around and call it a waste of time to try and get anything out of there but when others saw barrenness and emptiness, Jamie saw a opportunity. With the building being so close to a lake, it couldn't of just been placed for decoration or a simple tourist trap, he would look around, flipping shelves back up the way that they were and looking behind every nook and Cranny. He was just about to give up he would find it, the very thing he set his eyes out for. A fishing pole, the wire still in tact and the simple reusable bait still boxed up where it belongs. With glee he takes it back to camp right away, and to get to work for the community.

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Yes, you are granted a fishing pole lol


ive been working on trying to get a working fishing system but they're all broke so /shrug

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