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Jason Udesky (Gen 2) [1/8]

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"These big boy fuck nuts dont know what's coming to them"


ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good



Strength's Meaning Strength is the rawest form of power, and you possess it in some form. It is a very happy card if you are fighting illness or recovering from injury. As might be suspected, its influence over you, and the use you put it to, can trend towards light or dark. You likely trend towards facing your problems courageously, head-on, and conquering them through perseverance and will. With this ability to overcome life's obstacles, though, comes the responsibility to control yourself, and it this card may be a warning to take command of your own actions or emotions before they damage you or the people you care about.


ORANGE = 9-10

GREEN = 7-8

YELLOW = 5-6

BLUE = 3-4

PURPLE = 0-2


LOYALTY: He may not be the best in alot of things, but do NOT underestimate his loyalty to his brother

STRENGTH +(Improved): He may not tell you the things he did but he was a cocky man when it came to fights. 

INTIMITADING: He was known as the king of the streets during the peak of his job. Maybe he will tell you how he got it

SPEECH: He did okay in English so he knows how to talk, he just talks alot of slang and has no filter

IGNORANCE -1 (Event): Man...the balls this dude has 

PRIDE: This dude has the biggest ego and doesn't usually agree with things he disagrees on. 

MATH/MAKING THINGS: He has those times when he can make some things... but math... engineering... power?? He prefers to fight for those things rather than create them

HEARING: After a flashbang went out, his hearing was impaired with ringing for several days. He can hear better, but it's still hstilto get used to.

SOFT HEART: It wasn't crazy to have one before..But this trait will be the death of him



Jason Udesky was born with a family of 5. He is the firstborn of the family, so he was pressured to keep the family name. 

When his brother was born and then his little sister, Jason was responsible to look after them. He was old enough, but he took alot of bad characteristics from his father. After his mom came in one day to see Jason playing with a gun next to Jamie, she separated them and sent Jamie to daycare.


When Jason was much older, he got into alot more fights with people he barely knew. He originally fought because of his father's influence but later on when Jamie entered high school and got bullied because he was Jason's brother, Jason fought the bullies and got suspended for 2 weeks.

Jason decided to drop out of high school and worked at multiple places before becoming an uber. He heard alot happening around the streets and that got him to join a gang as the getaway driver. 


His parents noticed him buying alot more and getting Jamie and his little sister more clothes and games but they didnt question him. 

When he left his house to move into an apartment, he didnt come back for 3 years. When he returned, he was a little bigger and taller and wore alot of jewelry. The first thing he did was take his siblings out and buy them alot of new clothes and gave them money for college. 

When the apocalypse came, Jason drove to his house to see the windows broken and screaming inside. When he entered, he saw Jamie and his sis in the corner screaming at their father. His father was on top of his mother, eating her neck. Jason ran and grabbed his father, throwing him out the back door. His mother was already gone so he told them to get clothes and pack it in the trunk. When he saw his dad, he was bitten everywhere and attacked Jason again.. who pleaded to stop but eventually grabbed his father's head and banged it against the wall, his head exploding in gore...

He was on his way to his safe house when he was cut off and crashed his car...WHEN HE MET GEN 2


Yellow: 10-9

Green: 7-8

Blue 5-6

Red 4-1

JAMIE: I've been thinking alot about us. You really. You have that sense of joy and I have seen it throughout the weeks. I dont know how I would turn out had you not been by my side. I love you bro.

LEXI: I hadn't known Nigel passed.. He seemed like a good guy and Jamie is glad to have you so that's all right by me.

OWEN: Met him today, he seems alright. We raided some places together and looked out for each other. I think I see us being well acquainted soon.

Camille: She is someone who I can learn to trust... She has a good moral and a logical understanding of alot of things. Shes weak though.. 

..I cant help but be reminded of melissa

Updated: She is well acquainted with mayo and she seems like a good babysitter with Jamie. Glad to have her.

Kreg: Dude saved out asses time and time again. Glad to have this military fucker with us and not against us.

MAYU[Mayo*]: I forgot her name and totally thought her name was Mayo for a second.. that's gonna last.

HANNAH and RENEE: Met those two while Renee took down a deer. Brought it back and talked for a while. At first I wanted to get Jamie and try mugging the hotel for some supplies when winter season started but these guys are good people and I cant interfere with that.

CHUN "Ching": Some Asian dude I met a while ago but he has loyalty in his blood for his country and I respect that.

ANDREW: You seem aight.. but that beef about you hitting someone is a wound you are gonna have to heal.

Backston: I dont know why Jamie likes you.. but hey.. I dont hate you

CARTER ANDERSON: I dont know this guys deal about running in the minefield, only to be stuck there and wait to get saved. He also wrote on my shit saying not to go alone but that dude did the exact same thing. Also, dont threaten someone because they took a sniper from you.

The 2 Intruders: Next time I see you bitch, you will face the front of my sledgehammer bitch.



Melissa: There isnt a day that goes by where I dont dream about you.. how I could've saved you. Now theres this woman who looks exactly like you and it reminds me of your face.. she has your personality...


Shepard: We would always go out together on the weekends.. the whole family would gather up and the kids would play tag in the forest.. Jamie comforted melissa when she was hurt so it was really you and me.. I hope we could've bonded more..


(PAPOOSA)****** Udesky: You didnt talk much.. but you were Shepard's cousin.. Right when you turned 18 we heard you moved out the state.. Where are you


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-Updated Jason's hearing impairment

-Updated relations with camille and removed some people

-Added Carter, Andrew, mayu, hannah, renee, Chun 

-Added 2 intruders

-Added + to strength and - to ignorance

-Due to recent fondness in Whay happens in the bunker and just signs of normal life, Jason's alignment went from CHAOTIC NEUTRAL to CHAOTIC LAWFUL

Will add more next week

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Jason was walking down the street street to go into the woods to check on his traps. He caught some squirrel before he ran into a group on zombies. 

He whipped out his sledgehammer and started swinging, hitting left and right, swerving around to make sure he isnt grabbed. 

After he grabs the last one, a jumper leaps on him from the back and slashes at him, a scratch nailing his face, he yelps and grabs the jumper, throwing him at a tree before jumping off a small cliff, falling face first and coughing. 

He later on manages to run into a small hut, ramming inside and blocking the door. He turns and he sees something..

3 hours later...

He makes it home with multiple bruises and scratches, too injured to move for a while 

(I wanted to do something cause he was in the middle of rp with things and it would be awkward if I didnt come for like 2 months online. I have college shit and I'm taking more classes and swim so I need to try my hardest.)

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Update soon, ya boy in college and uninstalled Gmod, but y'all have me a heart attack posting and reviving this good ass server 

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