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Character Request: Intelligent Item

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Steam Name: why you wanna know my name? You a cop?!

Steam ID: xX42069222Xx

Steam Profile Link: profile

Rp Experience: i'm an OG son

How did you stumble upon our server?: OUT OF A NEED FOR SOMETHIN STRONGER


Character Name: Methrrey McMetherson

Character Sex: Male

Character Age: 22

Occupation (Current or Before): being a real ass dude

Character Equipment: I A M T H E  E Q U I P M E N T

Moral Alignment(See Chart below this post): chaotic evil

Strengths: getting you fucked up, killing your friends and family


Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative! More backstory does not always mean a better app! Put thought into how they'll interact with others too!):


i think this photo will speak for itself of my story. im a meth pipe with a mind of its own son just sit down and take a hit, itll make everything much better.


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