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Jarvis Lacroix

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Jarvis C. Lacroix

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 155 lbs

Build: Fit

Age: 26

Faith: None

Ethnicity: Irish/french descent

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Slick back, or neatly combed

Facial hair: Clean shaven with a gentlemanly mustache mmnnh'yes.

Preferred style of fashion: Dress suits, and the like.

Favorite color: Red


Do hope you're on my good side||||||||||||[]|||||Greeting everyone with that contagious smile of his

Current mood: It's intense, but... Well seeing someone smile through all this brings me one as well.

Behavior: Jarvis is a well mannered gentleman. Acts with politeness, and tries hard to never speak in out of anger, or raise his voice. He tries hard to be everyone's friend, and will even try to befriend those he may have trouble with. His capacity for patience could seem exhausting to others sometimes.

Backstory: Jarvis was born into money. Grew up with a great family. Never got into fights. Ate nice food. Joined prestigious clubs. Went to school over seas. Not necessarily a spoiled rich kid, though he never really knew struggle. Everyone liked him. Life is good. Between schooling, and swordsmanship classes he enjoyed cinema. He was always inspired by the servant, or butler roles. So. One day Jarvis stood, and turn to mother. "Mère, je veux être un majordome." And so they found classes for aspiring butlers during the summer days.

Mademoiselle Sophie was a harsh teacher. Whipped a student with a riding crop anytime one didn't have correct posture, placed the silverware at jaunty angles, or even had a tiny wrinkle on their shirt, though she was fair. A few students couldn't handle how traditional she was. Jarvis however looked up to her with stars in his eyes, and welts all over. Honestly he wasn't the best specimen, Though Mademoiselle Sophie admired Jarvis' determination to be a top notch butler. And practiced he did. At home, at the store, at school, at the dojo. Quite proud of himself he was.

The years pass, Jarvis is now a semi accomplished butler for a family far more wealthy than his ever was, and that is quite alright. Cleaning the estate, catering to the Mrs' Horses, having tea time with the little ones, Setting the table for dinner, and taking out the trash. One would ponder how one enjoys cleaning, and catering to others. They were almost like a second family to him. He loved them. Though work was still work, what sane person wouldn't like some time off. Especially to the americas no doubt for poor diet, and cowboy accents. Now he's here, by himself travelling from bus to bus for a vacation through the colonies.


Best Pretty goodokayKind of okaynot so goodsucks

Being a butler- "I haven't been in the trade for too long, but I believe my skills may impress anyone... At least here in this country

French- "Je parle la langue de l'amour" (Of course it's translated. Sue me.)

Swordplay, and melee weapons- "Quite a good pass time back home."

Cooking- "Do mine ears deceive me? Is that a challenge falling from those lips?"

Tailoring- "Oh I used to sew my little brothers clothes together all the time."

Guns- "Well, I did rifle shooting during high school."

Working with guns- "Please be something simple..."

Hand to hand combat- "I will show you the effectiveness of... tactically running away"

Confrontation "Oh, dear I- I am terribly sorry. Sir- ohh, I'm ssssure that piece is well polished sir."


Strong will: Although sometimes he may stagger, and falter. Once he finds the strength he refuses to let emotions get in the way of survival, and hard decisions.

Neat: You come into his place, and you might think the apocalypse never happened. At least for a moment.

People person: Jarvis has an unwavering belief that he can find the good in anyone, no matter how far gone they may be

Morale booster: Despite times of desperation, and stress. He will put on that gentle smile of his, and bring you back on your feet.


Coward: He tends to avoid confrontation, or finds an excuse to avoid fending off the dead unless he really has to. By little means is he a fighter.

Never really knew struggle: violently thrown into this new world. Jarvis will probably not cope well with low supplies, and a torn suit.

People person: It is perhaps easy to exploit his trust.


Lover Practically family Good friend Good to have around Acknowledged Stranger I. Don't know what to think Would be better without Go away Dead / Infected / missing

Nigel-Thanks for looking out for me

lexi- It is, great to see you

patrick- Oh, goodness. I thought we lost you there

Chip- We'll get through this

Maya- A little diversity is healthy I suppose

Marceline- I suppose playing video games can be a job.

backston- I, do suppose you are a good fighter

Britney- Hnhn, you're height deceives me

Wade- Where have you gone?

Rudy- My goodness boy do you hold nothing sacred?





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