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Hannah Farr says "Eh, synths are the worst."

Hannah Farr says "Damn synths."

Amanda Leigh Kelly says "Keep the cap off the toothpaste."

Hannah Farr says "Pour the cereal then the milk."

Amanda Leigh Kelly says "... I do that.."

[LOOC] Hannah Farr: i meant that the other way around

[LOOC] Hannah Farr: im not crazy

[LOOC] Hannah Farr: im not a synth

[LOOC] Amanda Leigh Kelly: LOL

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[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Good to meet you Edward, I'm Ethan."

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Now listen."

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "I need you to shave yourself, because you can't come into town looking like that."

[LOG] Edward McKurney said [iC] "Hey mate"

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Yeah?"

[LOG] Dr. Seraphina Krieger said [iC] "Would you say the jokes made it harder to get to the center?"

[LOG] Edward McKurney said [iC] "Want me to kill my self"

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "No.."

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Suicide is wrong man."

[LOG] Edward McKurney said [iC] "Cause ill gladly do it"

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Don't do this."

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "No."

[LOG] Edward McKurney said [iC] "Ima do it right now"

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "I don't want that."

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "NO"

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Wait.."

[LOG] Backston Dewar said [iC] "Before you do it I just.."

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