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    Welcome to the Wildlands! The Wildlands server is now officially up and running. You can only connect to it through a server hopper in the main server. Hit E on the CEDA board there and it will bring up a menu to select the server. Currently it always says there's 0/0 players, dunno why, still looking into that, not a huge deal. It also has floating text spinning through it (Model is bigger than what the script originally intended, looking into a fix to make it sit above or in front of the model) For reference sake. the server hopper can be found in this outpost here: There will be an identical return server hopper at spawn in the Wildlands, but you can always just rejoin the main server at anytime as well. Your Characters and Items should transfer over without any issues between the servers, if you guys have any issues please report them as this is a new system to us. Hope you guys have fun in the more chaotic world of Wildlands! (Also there's been some content updates if you've missed them please make sure you have all the latest content before joining)
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    I'm all in favor of permadeath. Worst thing that happens if a character dies is you make a new one. I'm also in favor of pre-outbreak RP. Lets me play the Sims for a bit before I get ripped apart by zombies and 8 foot tall cool guy survivors wielding katanas.
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    Owen Amendola radios in "Go around the front... It's clear..." Jacob Miller radios in "D-dont go to the front yet" Backston Dewar radios in "Okay well." Backston Dewar radios in "I just looked at the front, and that is anything but clear." Backston Dewar radios in "So you're a bit of a faggot, I'm not gonna lie."
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    Backston: "Jamie, did you love your sister?" Jamie: "Well of course, Backston. She meant the world to me." Backston: "Then why can't you spell her fucking name?"
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    He's gonna remember that, boi
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    Just to be safe, I also stole my dad's credit card. He'll surely give me the belt tonight but it's worth it to save the group
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    We now have an official Discord server. This will be text based only to provide everyone with the quickest and easiest way to get information straight to you guys! You can join from the sidebar on the main page or the link below: CONTACT ADMIN FOR URL Basic Rules. 1.) No Meta Gaming. 2.) Spamming will get you removed 3.) No Nudity/pornographic material. (Yes your awful memes of almost nude things are also banned) 4.) Be civil and don't be fight with each other or the admins. 5.) Use common sense, these rules aren't all encompassing, if we find you doing something we find doesn't fit with what we like you will be asked to stop and will be removed if you continue. These rules are still being worked on and will change with time.
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    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times. We've obviously been discussing returning to give everyone who's stuck at home something to do in their now abundant free time. In order to return I think it's best if we restart from the ground up again. Start a new story line with new characters and all that good stuff. There's plenty to iron out and this isn't a promise that we will even manage to start something up but I want to hear from you guys! This is our chance to have another totally fresh start and I want to include the community as much as possible in creating some of the lore and I want you included in some of the decisions we make as well! One of the first questions I have for you all is what is your opinion on using the current situation globally as a starting point? It's obviously kind of perfect for our theme, but is using it too insensitive to the situation? Let me know how you feel about that. The next thing I want to know is where you all would like to start up! Start before anything happens, just everyday normal life RP for a few days? Or should we start a few days in as things are already starting to ramp up? And I want to know what you guys want! What type of story, how realistic you want it, map ideas, event ideas. Anything you want to see added or just want to bring up for discussion, feel free to post here or send me a message! Hell even let me know if you think it's a terrible idea to start again! I wouldn't go about making new forum threads or anything right now, I'm going to move the old stuff around and rebuild it for a new start, don't worry I wont be deleting anything, it will be just like last time, character profiles and the like will just be stuffed in another folder that you'll be able to browse to!
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    Hey everyone, just wanting to provide an update here. As some of our keen eyed members have noticed, the beta tag was removed from the server when the Wildlands server came up. And now that we're back at full capacity with our team back from holiday we're ready to officially announce it. We're super excited to see where this goes this time around. Huge props to Empty for spending literal days coding and screaming at .lua files. Thank you all for your patience with us, We love you guys!
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    The group is in crisis, and needs your help! They need to wipe out all the undead AND every supply-hogging bandit; and to do that, all the admin team needs is your credit card number, three digits on the back, and the expiration date. Do it, so the survivors can continue forward and secure the base for an apocalyptic victory!
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    When the entire pop stares at TV static as the entire script of Lion King is recanted and players RP reactions
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    We got us a fine selection of ass, these hunk of men is what we desire and are worth objectifying, personally I am a fan of the bottom right as he really raises the moist meter
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    hi how's it going i know the first three numbers, and i happen to be in your area but really tho hi all the people i dont recognise (f2 me please) i'm macho and wassup all the people i do know
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    Zerohour has always been a permadeath server in-regards to IC interactions. And I'd love to keep it that way, gives impact to peoples stories and actions, as well as stops people from acting a fool with the guise of a NLR in their back pocket.
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    gimme that sweet sweet pre-outbreak rp pls
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    this thread is from december 2018
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    First off, thank you all for all the information. This is super helpful! This has been a big issue for me as well. I love what people can do in PAC, but I hate what people can do in PAC as well. In our last iteration at the end we implemented a system of actual armor you had to have in your inventory. If you didn't have the specific type of armor in your inventory and you had something PAC'ed on that looked like it, you're just wearing a cosplay suit basically. PAC is stupid hard to police so I think using something like this is the best method still of weeding people out, if you don't have a bullet proof plate in your inventory, you're wearing plate carrier with maybe a text book stuffed into it or nothing at all because in the end a plate carrier without it's plate is just some camo cloth. This also brings up the PVP question. Zero already brought up his points but I'm curious how others feel about handling PVP we've always worked on a system of let the players choose. We've never forced rolls onto people unless they felt they wanted them, or if they were argumentative with basic actions. The rolling system isn't complex enough to be totally fair obviously, not without stat modifiers and bonus's for people and that seems like something impossible to really work in well to Gmod RP anyway. We've always kind of let the players act it out and controlled from the background making judgment calls in the end if there was an argument (Which to be fair was actually pretty rare!) Most of our players were always pretty good about being fair in a PVP fight and not powergaming, but also understanding their own characters weaknesses. I still feel this is kind of the best situation, I don't know if creating a complex system of stats and the like would be needed if we can put the expectation on the players that they are here for the same reason as everyone else and to play fair. I don't mind popping into a fight scene and moderating it and letting people know when I feel they've powergamed or gone too far, it's obviously human nature to want to win a fight in anyway possible which may make you do something without realizing it. In the end though I'm not sure that's the most fun for the players and I want to make sure you guys get a system you enjoy as well!
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    There is, you're in luck :D If you're going for a more atoning character, I'll give you a broken shotty for you to create a nice fight story for. ACCEPTED
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    Lykos is a good boy. Im good with the pistol w limited ammo Taser with a single charge soft vest w tattered uniform handcuffs and small knife
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    Big oof... Sending my Thoughts and Prayers for your poor charger.
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    Yes, you are granted a fishing pole lol ive been working on trying to get a working fishing system but they're all broke so /shrug
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    *Corrected for angles, noise, blur, light casting
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    Backston Dewar says "I used to think everything happened for a reason, me being homeless, the world ending, me.. Losing.. People-- But, I remember I found someone one day. It was as if she was trying to be beauty incarnate. She had red hair that flowed freely down her shoulder like a wildfire, it's flawless design demanded to be seen, keeping anyone who noticed her in complete awe-" Backston Dewar says "Fuckin' uh, married people are cool." "We need more of them." says Backston Dewar Backston Dewar says "Moral of the story, that red hair lady despite being god damn amazing, decided women were cooler." "Fuck lesbians." says Backston Dewar
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    Enjoy the time with your family! Or if not at least your extended weekend OR AT LEAST the extra pay from work
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    we dont talk about this server i was young, dumb, and full of unoriginal ideas because i didnt know how to roleplay
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    is that a gril gamer
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    The Bruthuuuur Update - Updated the relationships of peeps and added fellow gamers, Tell me if you still need to be added cause I live for this. - Updated Mental state, bruthuuur made it all better - Changed a color in the relationship section since it was getting confusing telling apart the colors.
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    finally someone who agrees fuck
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    Hey! First of all, glad you heard of our comeback! Secondly, this app is really solid. Aside from a few grammatical errors (I think the largest is when you trekked 'Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota' but then 'crossed the state lines into Montana in December of 2020' -- I think you meant Minnesota for the second one) I think this is really good. I'm unsure yet of whether it should be greenlit exactly now...we seem to be getting a small flux of medical apps recently and we haven't even officially launched. I'm going to wait to see what the others say before i toss in my 2 cents. You did a really great job capturing 4 years in a small amount of text.
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    Pls post more pictures of your hands /s
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    My dogs name is Rufus, Image related.
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    If he's gone bad, how can he still be a good boy? This cannot stand. -Support So many plot holes, please fix this.
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    Might I suggest looking at how short stories and novels are written if you're wanting to do something regarding this rather then doing something like a journal entry and his own view of the whole situation. Legion brought up some good points regarding the details of the story, to be frank majority of readers don't care about the exact details of things within the story, they care more about how the story flows and the actual plotline. I think you could make this pretty good if you move away from the almost in-game roleplay chat formatting and the Michael Bay type of action. --Nice Lamborghini--
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    In an all serious note (And in the nicest way possible) your writing needs some work spring, large plot holes, bad grammar and untreated deus ex machina healed gut wounds its just bad all together. Some bullet points Jason is somehow able to pull out a fire axe which range from 28 to 36 inches long and throw it at a gunman who's at point blank range. Somehow is able to break a mans neck (Here's an extremely good article about how difficult it is to actually break someones neck) immediately after getting stabbed in the stomach, then seemingly recovering instantaneously from a rather severe wound? The color scheme Please Spring for the love of god STOP THIS. Formatting is a great alternative to differentiating things through color schemes. You fry potatoes, you grill people for information. Some things are overly specific, the reader doesn't need to know the make and model of the pistol your characters sustaining multiple blows with. You have a habit of writing extremely macho, overly detail specific, non-sensical stories. I'm not trying to bash your creativity but for things like this to be taken serious they need to be toned down from the 120% Micheal Bay Hollywood levels you write them at. I posted Doom: Repercussions of Evil because it is of the same caliber as this Udesky fan fiction. I hope to see your writing improve in the future. Thank you for reading through my criticism.
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    I think you were looking for the term, 'grilled' instead of 'fried', but it made me laugh and love life a little more
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    From what I've been told, it's the same database from the last time. We are gonna have the stuff we left off with, so there shouldn't be a need to give everyone their stuff back and all that.
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    We have fixed the video reply problem.
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    A fellow asked for a little request a long time ago, and I am here to deliver Is the German Shepherd Albino, or is the cosplayer albino, or are BOTH albino? We got us a German Shepherd who cosplays as albino who gets their powers from how loud they can Reeee´╗┐ I see...I see... I assume he can Reeee really loudly? You should draw us an example of what this looks like. I have a god complex, I need help
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    squares are made from less triangles than circles. everyone knows circles are the strongest geometric object
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    Black Scorpion Militia ================================================================================================================================================ The following document is Classified, any attempt to access this document without clearance with result in prosecution. ======================================================================================================================================== AUDIO LOG 18-46 - RECRUITMENT SPEECH BEGIN LOG:: The door opens, creaking as it does, the sound of a large man can be heard entering the room, feet almost marching. He pulls out a chair and places a few papers on the table before a woman standing near the door says "Don't stand up" as if by signaling to the recipient to not leave his chair. *Clears through* Good evening, I am Mr. Murray, but you can call me Commander, as I am now your superior officer. You have now enlisted into a Contracting Private Military, We are the largest and most efficient organization now working on the Frontier. Your mission is simple, do what your superiors tells you to do, got it? *Cough* You signed up for this because you wanted to earn a little bit of money on the side... y'know, to help you survive. And you will be paid... So long as you get the job done. We have a reputation to uphold here, so we have no room... for fuck ups. Ain't saying you are just.. for future reference if you get kicked out of base, or find yourself at the business end of a barrel! *Chuckles for a moment, then proceeds with the talk*. So, your tasks... Putting things nice and simple for you, we do what were paid to do. If some guy asks us to clear a building of those mutants we do it, so long as the pay is right... If O'l joe from the bunker' had a fall out with a new guy and wants him dead... we kill him. You will make enemies recruit, no denying that if I'm being honest... people will want you dead. But that's the point isn't it, living on the edge... Ain't lived 'till you've ran away from a shower of bullets *Paused in nostalgia*. Don't think your up for it, the doors right there, If you are we'll get you outfitted with your uniform, gun etc. But let me be the first one to welcome you to the team. END LOG::
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    Look, you all know me, you know I've been here for a while, and you know I love you guys, and hopefully you love me in return. But I gotta nip this shit in the bud right now. I've been seeing a bit of unfair treatment or, I wouldn't say this because of the harsh implication, abuse. Some of it I could look past, y'know, but after today? I don't think I could bring myself to play on this server if this keeps up. I used to know a better ZeroHour, way back then. But this version seems like one I can barely recognize, and that especially goes to the staff team. I thought it was nice when this was done: (An_Emptybag) Chip Weaver has set (Nyanch) Alexandria Brooks' rank to chungus. Length: Indefinitely. But guess what? He fucking took it away 5 minutes later. Like what the fuck? What kind of shit is this admin abuse? Who are you to determine if I am chungus or not? Who are you to dethrone my position and sabotage my reign? And more frankly, why? To flaunt power? To show that even though I may be chungus, I will never compare to an admin? Or humiliate me and strip me of my identity? This is going way too far.
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    Like was good for Sam Jackson he came to the sate looking to get into politics he was a man of the people he wanted to do something for them he came to make a name for himself in the "game" but that did not work out for him as you can she from the hellhole this place became Sam is now a lost and broken man looking for his reason again it was once to change laws and make the world a more fair place but now its just to live to see the next day but Sam wants something more but for now its only liveing to wake up the next day."A relic of the old world a broken man looking for a reason.
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    g O T o t H e G M o D W i k I!